Let Battle Commence!!!!

Jees I feel fat!!!

I dont just want to loose weight because i am getting married I really need to loose it, at 5 foeet 6 inches and bursting out of a size 18 trust me it aint pretty!

So here is my plan..

I am going to cut out the alchohol

I am going to excersise three times a week and generally be more active

I am going to eat properly

I am going to check in here once a week and update anyone who can be bothered to listen image

If anyone would like to buddy up with me feel free, or pass on any hints and tips to get my butt into gear then please do so.

girlies I could really do with some support..I see gorgeous brides every weekend and im worried that when we get to having "our day" I am just not going to look like that! (h2b loves me the way I am btw, its just that I dont!)
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