Dukan Diet

Hello ladies

I have put on 2 stone in the last year and now I really need to lose this weight (I have a good incentive now!) I have tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cabbage Soup diet - you name it I've tried it! however I have just been told about this new diet called the Dukan Diet and wondered if any other brides had heard of it or tried it?


  • janeyptjaneypt Posts: 175
    I tried it, it certainly works if you stick to it but it is incredibly restrictive. I only managed it for a short while and to be honest when I started reintroducing carbs the weight came back. Plus I'm veggie so really difficult for me - had to start eating fish again in the end. Basically for 4 days you eat nothing but protein or fat free dairy, then you can have protein and certain vegetables (no fruit) on one day, protein only the next and this goes on for quite a long time depending how much you want to lose, then you can start eating normally I think but on one day of the week you have just protein for the rest of your life. I started slimming world 4 weeks ago and have lost half a stone and I'm actually enjoying it. Dukan was too hardcore for me!
  • Lucyp86Lucyp86 Posts: 167
    I am currently on the Dukan diet. I have lost 6lbs in 7 days eating only protein and water. I am now moving on to the next phase when I can reintroduce vegetables.

    I would say that it is definitley worth giving it a go. It is incredibly restrictive and for the first 2-3 days is really hard as your cravings really kick in. However as you see the weight falling off it becomes easier to ignore the cravings.

    I imagine once I do reintroduce carbs my weight will increase, although Im hoping that I wont regain all of the weight. However if this diet has taught me anything it is that I do not need carbs in the quantities that I have been having and so as long as I continue to cut down I dont think that it will be much of a problem.
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