Cho Yung tea

Hi ladies,

Just wondering whether anyone has tried cho yung tea? Would you recommend it?


  • Hi Jesseruk

    I have tried this and to be honest it made no difference at. Following everything that I was told to do and didn't lose one pound!!

    I'm not that big anyway (8st 9lbs) so maybe that is why? I got it on a free trial so didn't have to pay for it xx
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Hi, I did a bit of research into this when starting out on my weight-loss journey, and unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a scam. Overall there don't seem to be any long term weight loss benefits and in a lot of cases the "free trial" ends up with people being charged later for a product you don't want (looks like EGriffiths was lucky tho!)

    Sigh, still waiting for that magic weight loss solution! I do find that green tea or mint tea generally help a bit with digestion and leave me less lethargic than regular tea or coffee, if that's any help...

    Good luck xxx
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