Dress Shop ordered me a size too small! 1 month to loose weight - HELP

Hi All,

In December I tried on and picked up my wedding dress, it was so tight and I was soo annoyed with myself for not being 'slim' enough for it - and thinking i had put on weight. I tried the dress on again at the beginning of March and it didnt even do up! I was really flumuxed and at this point so angry withmyself for getting it all so wrong. ( I get married April 23rd)

Since this point I have been dieting and lost 5 lbs. However I hit a stale point - I dont think I was consuming enough each day and my body went into starvation mode and started storing weight. Following this I have tried to increase calorie intake and it seems to be ok... however I dont appear to be loosing too quickly.( Diet is basically no carbs or fat, and no sugar. Therefore small quantities of fruit, veg and lean meat)

This morning I was looking at the recipt for my dress and it all noticed the original notes from the fitting state I need a size 14 however on the order form recipt they ordered a size 12. Now I know i have had 3 months to realise this, I also know I agreed to the booking, However in the joy and excitment of finding my dress I didnt think the wedding dress shop could possibly make such a royal **** up. How can you measure someone, and then 5 minutes later order them the wrong dress size!? I just put my trust in them as its their business I never expected this could have happened.

So From this I feel I need to contact them and let them know what they did, Im so upset about it though Im really not sure what to say.

More importantly I have 4 weeks to go and my dress doesnt do up - Please let me know any weight loss tips you have... I will liturally try anything.



  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Hi, I really feel for you. Can you check with the shop if the dress can be taken out a size? Sometimes dresses are made with a hidden pannel inside for this reason? I would absolutly mention this mistake to them though and see what they say. Your diet sounds really healthy and strict so I'm not sure what to suggest there, maybe try doing the 30 day shred DVD to help tone up and ditch a few stubborn pounds? Eat small healthy meals 5-6 times a day to speed up your metabolism and drink lots of water and green tea. Good luck and I hope this doesn't stress you out too much! x
  • Surely if it states you needed a size 14 in the notes that's what they need to provide! It's the shops fault, get them to put it right and get you a dress in the correct size!!
  • I'm currently doing the 30 day shread and it is def working! Could well be worth a try.
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    What did the shop say when you went to pick it up and it didn't do up?

    Technically, what Sarsaparilla said is true, but I suspect they will just tell you there is nothing they can do in such a short space of time

    Would be brilliant if they can take it out, though - even if it's just a little bit - definitely worth speaking to them
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    Thanks Guys, I can get the panel moved which will definatly help. Also doing the 30 day shred so will keep at it and make sure I shift that weight! ( Staying positive image
  • If they cant the right dress, you need to be compensated in some way!!! Part refund etc? x
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