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me & my atkins weight loss!

Hi guys!

I'm starting my atkins diet tomorrow and thought i'd put my progress on here for all to see! More for my own benefit as it means i have a record of how i'm doing and it may give me the will power i need!!

I'm not really looking for people to jump on my atkins diet with me (or start bashing it- people are always so opinionated about atkins! Lol), I have found in the past it really works for me so I thought i'd give it a go again!

I get married in July, I have my first fitting & boudoir shoot in May, which i would love to be around 9stone for. At the moment, i think i'm probably about 10stone 7lb (i'll weigh myself tomorrow morning to confirm my start weight!)

For now, I'm off to get ready for a tasting sesh at the hotel... 3 courses of heavenly food! My 'final fling'! image

To be continued..!


  • hey hun dont worry im not going to jump on or bash it, i started the atkins today and just wanted to say goodluck image
  • i have done atkins in the past and lost a lot of weight...but I just cant stick to it!

    good luck hope it works for you image
  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    Day one-

    starting weight- 10stone 7.25lb (i'm 5feet 6inches tall)

    realistic goal- 9stone 7lb

    (ultimate goal- 8stone 12lb! don't think i'll manage this though!)

    Just had a delicious cheese, tomato & red pepper omlette for brekkie (late brekkie, i'm on annual leave!)

    Here goes people....

  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    Day 2-

    10stone 6.25lb

    Loss- 1 lb

    I've lost a pound! Woohooo! I know this is most likely water but still, a pound is a pound!

    Feeling fine on day 2. Had a lovely big chicken stirfry for dinner last night & eggs & bacon for brekkie today (& just had left over stirfry for lunch.). Not at all hungry & no cravings!

    All good so far...
  • ...well done image
  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    day4- 10 stone 4.25lb

    Yay, 4 days in & i've lost 3lb!

    Just tucked in to a chinese takeaway as well! I had chicken tom yum soup, some spare ribs (dry) & chicken satay on skewers with a little satay sauce. Obviously no rice, chips, prawn crackers! And i din't miss them!!

    Can't wait to get under 10stone, i'm so determined!!
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