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My 3 month wedding diet!!

Hello ladies!

It is three months til my wedding and I now need to really start to try with the weight loss! I am going to post on here what I am eating, my weight etc just to track how I am going if that's OK and if anyone would like to join me/chat, that would be great! My problem is generally eating too much sugar and carbs, and binge eating when I get stressed!

Im 5"10 and my current weight is 10st11.5. For my wedding in early July Id like to get down to just below 10stone, or maybe even 9st7 if that is possible?!! I am normally somewhere around the weight that I am now.

To achieve this I am going to try to eat the following:

Fruit smoothie for breakfast

Vegetarian Sandwich for lunch on rye or wholewheat

No carbs after lunch - Veggies or salad with fish for dinner.

Fruit for snacks or yoghurt.

Stop drinking alcohol 2 months before wedding.

I am also trying to walk more and going to the gym a bit, I especially want to tone my arms.

How are all of you doing? Do you think this target is possible with this plan (which I made upimage

How did you all choose your target weights? Are you planning to keep it off post wedding?image

Thanks Guys-wish me luck/willpower! xoxo


  • Hi excited bride, your diet sounds quite similar to mine apart from I am having a tesco light choice meal for lunch.

    I am currently loosing about 7lb a week, but expecting this to slow down soon image

    also doing a lot of exersise and have cut out alchohol.

    but saying that one day i week i eat what i want, dont exersise and have a bottle of wine...otherwise I would just go mental image

    Good luck image
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    heya, i'm doing the same, i'm on the pre wedding diet as i have a tiny bulge in the back of my wedding dress, i think i need to lose a good stone and a half in three months.

    i'm trying really hard but i'm quite a good cook and i think to myself oh extra spoon of veggies won't hurt and i have to stop it lol image

    i'm awful with me carbs... i love mashed potatoes! with cheese as well image

    where my asthma plays up when i run or walk ( i have chronic asthma) i can't really do too much exercise for fear of having a huge asthma attack so my only choice is to cut waaaay back on the calories and hope for the best.

    however i'm going to go down to the gym and ask if they would be able to let me do short bursts and when i get all breathless if i could stop for 10 mins and go back to it- i hope they let me because sessions are an hour and i'd only manage to get half an hour in. image

    i'm behind you totally with your diet! image good luck image
  • Thanks for replying JL and flower!

    What are your current weights and how did you choose your goal weights? I would like to lose max 1 stone 4 pounds...I think that is a lot in three months!

    How many dress sizes do you think we would drop if we lose one and a half stone?!

    What are your current weights and heights? I looked on a BMI chart and at the moment I am in the middle of the OK range, but Id like to be at the bottom end of it instead basically - I want to look thin for the weddingimage

    JL how are you losing 7lbs a week????? was that a typo?! I know what you mean re wine...Im going out tonight so may have a few....the problem is that when I drink the next day I go into some sort of carb frenzy image

    When are your weddings? Mine is July 9, are yours around the same time?

    I hope they help you out at the gym Flower, hopefully they should accommodate you-bit mean if not!

    Do you guys want to do weekly weighin/post of weight/what we eat etc?

  • Hi ladies,

    I've also just started my wedding diet but am getting married in August. I started running this week and have been out 3 times so far. My goal is to be able to run 5K in the summer for race for life and loose a stone on the way!

    I'm currently around 10st8 ish but would like to be back to 9st7...

    Good Luck all of you with your diets. Hope we can support each other. image
  • Thanks for your reply Hardham!Good luck with everything!! How tall are you? Hope the running goes well xxx
  • Hey,

    Im 5'11 and my goal is to get to 10.10. Currently at 11.13. Have already lost a stone, but been stuck for 3 weeks, despite loads of exercise!

    I go to the gym 5 days a week and am also doing to 30 day shred nearly every day- but try to have one day off a week!

    Hoping to be at 11 stone by end of june. Fingers crossed!

  • Hi ExcitedBride,

    I'm 5'6'' on a good day!

    Been running twice this week so far, more than I've ever managed in one week and ran all the way round!

    Can only run 1.3 miles but at least it's a start!

    What day do you want to do weigh ins?

    Good luck every one with their diets.

    Hope we can support each other to the end.

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