Frittata recipe?

hey ppl!

Iv only ever had a potato and onion one! I think u can make them low in fat? Does anyone have any nice recipes? I never made it so would be grateful even for a basic recipe image

Thanks x


  • Garfyuk1Garfyuk1 Posts: 585
    Strangely I had one of these last night for tea!

    For two people...

    4 large eggs

    Feta cheese (if your feeling indulgent, otherwise any old cheese)

    One small tin of tuna

    Cut up some spring onions

    Cut up some cherry tomatoes into halves.

    Beat the eggs in a bowl, add in some pepper. Drain the tuna and flake into the bowl, add in the sping onion, add in the cubed feta cheese. Mix together.

    Put the hob on a low heat, put the mixture into a frying pan and just leave it (no stirring). Add in the cherry tomatoes. Leave to cook/set for around 5 minutes. When it looks like its set, take the frying pan under the grill for 3-5 minutes to finish off.

    Serve with salad. Lush!

    You can add anything in, if you don't want cheese to be healthier, you can chop up any old veg, peppers, courgette, onion, mushrooms, whatever hun.
  • moongate10moongate10 Posts: 218
    Hiya, i fry sliced potatoes in fry light till golden, add red onions, mixed peppers, ham and sweetcorn, pour 4 eggs over the top and fry on a low heat, finish off under the grill and sprinkle spring onions and herbs on the top, this is a slimming world recipie and has no syns. You can add cheese if you want but obviously, it will be extra calories. I also sprinkle garlic and chilli flakes on the potoatoes while they are frying, it gives it a lovely bite!
  • fairyrockfairyrock Posts: 141
    Brill thank u I shall try them xx
  • I blend some cottage cheese in with the eggs, If you use the chive one it is yummy! image
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