Anyone want to be my weight-loss buddy?!

I want to go on a diet to loose some of the weight i've gained since meeting my h2b, but have found all diets really hard to stick to and thought perhaps being motivated by someone else with similar goals would help spur me on!!

A bit of background.. I live at home with my parents and siblings, and my mum goes by the rule that everyone eats the same thing at meal times, which can make sticking to diets hard if she cooks something that isn't particularly healthy! The meals are generally quite well balanced but they are all major carb fiends, which doesn't really help if you want to loose weight.

My h2b also likes to treat me to meals out regularly, which doesn't help the problem, but is convenient because of our busy work schedules.

I don't drink or smoke and my job is quite physical.

Ideally I'd like to loose around 5st, it doesn't have to be over a short period of time, but I have been disheartened in the past when i've eaten healthily for weeks and weeks and nothing changes!!

Is there anyone out there who is in a similar position, or has got any tips or would like to be my weight-loss buddy?

Lauren x


  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635
    hi hun, i have just started on weight watchers which may be a good one for you, as long as you point everything you eat, you can have what you like. I would be happy to be your buddy chick x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Thanks for replying girls!!! I've upended a myfitnesspal account and added you! My username is Laurengrapes!! I really hope this is the first positive step in loosing some unnecessary weight! image
  • welshchick1welshchick1 Posts: 180
    Have you thought about slimming world? I've just started and it's great. You can eat normal meals and there's no calorie counting or points. It makes it pretty easy when you're eating the same as others. I'll be your diet buddy! I'd like to lose around 2-3stone and lost 3.5lbs in first week. good luck xxx
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