diet supplements!?

hello im new! i'm getting married on the 24th September and i need to shed about 8lbs ish! problem is i'm a nurse and i do split shifts and nights and i'm rubbish at dieting so i have bought these slim right tablets has any body tried them? i really want them to work!! please let me no the score! thanks in advance image


  • MrsCariMrsCari Posts: 19
    I've not tried those ones but am currently on Adios. The number on the scales has been going down since i started them, but I am eating less so it's hard to say whether it's the pills or the diet! I think a lot of these tablets make you lose water so you weigh less but they don't necessarily make you lose fat. But if you only have a little bit to lose they banish the bloat and will make you dress slip on that bit more easily! I'm the same as you, only need to lose a little bit, if you had a few stone to lose i don't think they'd be a good long-term solution! x
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