How are you doing it?

how is everyone loosing their weight for their wedding? are you cutting calories, exercising more, detoxing, weight-watchers, slimming world..dieting pills? My friend just lost 3 stone through following WW and she is looking fab! she has definitely given me motivation to loose this extra weight that I say I will loose every new years eve image


  • I'm not trying to lose weight right now, but I've had to before and I found its a lot more simple than people say. Its down to determination and will power!

    Depends how much you want to lose and how fast. If you want to use a lot I'd say cut ALL the cakes/biscuits/sweets/chocolate out of your diet. If you go to the gym, don't come back and have a cheeky biscuit, you're just undoing all the hard work you've just done! It all depends on metabolisms but it takes me about an hour in the gym to work off one donut image

    Some good things to change to your diet is milk - if you're on blue change to green, if you're on green change to red. Cheese is also full of fat, say bye bye!!

    In addition to having a healthy diet, you MUST exercise, even if this is only half an hour a day, do it however you like but get into the habit of it.

    Slimming world helped my friend lose weight (but then she fell of the wagon and put it all back on) but they recomend something like making sure you're plate is divided into 3 sections, 1 being your protein (meat etc or something else if you're a veggy), 2 being your vegetables, and 3 being your carbs (pasta/potatoes/rice).

    You should also eat your biggest meal in the morning as that's when your metabolism is the fastest, and if you need a snack try to have fruit or veg.

    Let me know how you get on image but trust me, if you're determined enough to lose it, you will. Don't expect results immediately, thats how people end up staying the same weight, they expect results straight away, nothing happens, so they go back to their old habits.

    GOOD LUCK!! x
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    Hey image

    I've tried a couple of things.

    1st off I did the Weight Loss Challenge thing between Oct and Dec last year. This is the Herbalife stuff. Shakes for Breakfast and Lunch. They tasted like poo but I did lose a stone in the 12 weeks.

    Now (since the start of May) I'm going to Weight Watchers. I've lost nearly a stone.

    I'm trying to do as much exercise as possible. I suffer from depression so energy levels and motivation can be a bit lacking sometimes. I try and go running a couple of times a week and do a zumba class or two.

    Slow and steady is the way to go I think. With Weight Watchers I'm eating the same as everyone else just in different quantities. For Sunday lunch my H2B fills his plate with the roast spuds whereas I'm filling mine with carrots and brocili.

    Whatever you decide to do it has to work for you. I know people who really hated weight watchers whereas I love it.

    I'm just finishing off my daily Curly Wurly! 3 points and I don;t feel guilty for having it. image

    Good luck image
  • At the moment I'm on Weight Watchers Online and loving it. It has its challenges, but on the whole it's really easy to follow. I also do a lot of exercise (though I've had three weeks out with a calf injury that I did playing softball), including British Military Fitness at least twice, usually three times, a week (an hour per session) and two flamenco classes a week adding up to 3.5 hours. When I get time, I also go running and do random other things, like next week I'm taking part in an indoor rowing race.

    About three years ago I lost three stone doing pretty much what Ellie_Anne1 suggests - no cake, biscuits, alcohol etc., and that's when I took up running properly for the first time. The problem I had was that the self-deprivation frustrated me and once I felt more confident about my body I would go out and binge drink and eat loads of rubbish food. Then I met H2B and the weight crept back on - not all of it, but about a stone and a half, and that's what I'm battling back from now, and now I subscribe to Screamingflower's " a curlywurly a day keeps the frustration at bay" mantra.

    P.S. Screamingflower - good girl re. running image
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    Lol - loving the mantra! Haha!

    Yeah love my running - shame my arthritic knees don't. have ended up falling in a hedge more than once lol!
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