Good slimming pills?

can anyone recommend slimming pills which would lower your appetite?? I could eat for england, grrrrrrrr



  • GabriellaukGabriellauk Posts: 574
    i seems to be really good with food and then other times, I eat like there's no tomorrow...

    I just need stg to lower my appetite..

    I used Hoodia P57, definitely didn't need as much but side effects were not great so I stopped...It says 100% herbal, but I wasn't convinced..then again, my work colleague takes them every day and is completely fine...

    If I drink tea before bed, I spend my night on toilet, I have a really weak bladder...
  • GabriellaukGabriellauk Posts: 574
    what do you think about this??

    has anyone heard about this??
  • baybii_smurfbaybii_smurf Posts: 173
    word of warning, If you order the trial PLEASE request a new card straight away. The thieving b******* took £80 out of my bank a few days after i ordered the trial. I tried to ring- there was no working phone number, the email address is incorrect and there was no possible way of contacting them!

    I rang my bank and got the money they tried to steal back, got a new card sent out so they no longer had my details and a month or so later I did receive the pills.

    I was wary of taking them so never really had a good trial to see if they worked but a friend recently ordered the pills, cancelled her card as soon as the money came out for the 1.30 postage or whatever it is and dropped quite a few lbs.
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    steviesgirl86 - where do you get it from? Is it expensive?
  • saucybridesaucybride Posts: 21
    Right two horrible yucky little words are going to come out of my mouth now and I hope they put you off slimming pills. Anal Leakage.

    So to avoid I would reccommend a completely natural way to go to lower that pesky appetite. Give apple cider vinegar tablets a go. Health food shops and holland and barret sell them. They do work but ease yourself into them as the maximium dose can be a little strong for delicate tummys. Its just a natural vinegar, no nasties. Big thumbs up in terms of giving you a helping hand controlling my urges.
  • GabriellaukGabriellauk Posts: 574
    baybii_smurf - that is terrible. Well I ordered the trial and paid £4.95 for postage as I forgot to put a promotional code for 1/2 price postage, never mind. I called the company and they told me that I have to cancel the order within 14 days and return the pills to them, otherwise I get charged £73 or stg...well I hope they stick to their words, but I may have to do what you suggested. My card is expiring 1st Aug anyway, so that's a good timing.

    Thanks for this.

    All I need to loose is approx 6 hope they give me kick for 10 days or so to loose my appetite..
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