want to lose weight but at same time i'm worried....

Hi girls,

Looking for some support from B2B out there.

I ordered my dress back in April - sample in shop was just too tight & wouldn't zip right up so they ordered the next size. Since then I have lost roughly 7lbs & probably inches cause been going to gym couple times a week.

My dress is now in the shop & i'm going to collect next week but I'm now worried that the dress is going to be too big & when this gets altered it isn't going to look the same (that make sense).

I'm also worried that I'll want to lose more weight. Should I have went for the dress size that was too tight?!?!

G x


  • I'm thinking when I go next week I'll see how I feel in it & if happy how it looks I'm going to stop with the dieting & just try & maintain my weight...

    G x
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