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Hi all, i have been house bound these last few days and have spent alot of time watching tv especially the shopping channels!!! However i came across a machine called leg magic and was just wondering if any of you have used it or know anything about it. It looks fabulous Thanks x x x:\)


  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    I havent used one of those but i bought the lateral thigh trainer which is brilliant, but ive bought a couple of things off the shopping channels and i havent been disappointed.
  • Hi Roslyn, I nearly bought the lateral thigh trainer a few months ago but once again wasn't too sure:\)
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Lol, You should try it or one of them im sure you wont be disappointed.

    The great thing is you can sit and watch tv while working out!!
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi ladies,

    Derrybride, i bought this a few months ago, you feel it working straight away, it's great, although i would rec you go on qvc as i noticed they're now selling them and i'm sure they are cheaper there, it's that good i let one of my friends use it while i was on holiday, about five weeks ago now and needless to say she hasn't brought it back to me yet!!!!!! ha ha....

    i'm gonna go and get it in awhile,

    Jo x
  • Thank you jo, im being nosey now but how soon did u see results and have you any idea about how many inches you have lost ?
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    to be honest with you, i used to be a fitness/ aerobic intructor but i had alittle girl a couple of years ago and then you have no time to do anything for yourself, i didn't have anything to lose, but wanted to tone up, you star noticing in a couple of weeks but you can tell it's working straight away as you can feel the muscles it has worked on x
  • katie-janekatie-jane Posts: 18
    i have LTT, but its still packed since i moved house lol

  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    the leg magic is much more effective than the lat thigh trainer for targeting inner and outer thigh and bum waist and tum, in my opinion... it takes alittle getting used to, you need to try and relax your legs and not stiffen up...

    Jo x
  • Thanks gys, im just going to bite the bullet and order one x x x x
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