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Great Way to tackle Eating Out

It suddenly dawned on my whilst trying to decide which meal contained the least amount of calories as I ate out for the 5th time in the last week, that if I chose a childrens portion rather than an adult size, it would be a much more managable portion plus I would save on the calories!!. I know some restaurants are funny about you doing this, but its not against the law is it! So who cares if you get dirty looks form the waiting staff as you tuck into your mini-me sized portion, just remember - a moment on the lips - a lifetime on the hips!!!

Also, why is it when everyone knows that I'm dieting to desperately fit in my dress, they insist on constantly asking me out for dinner, or come over and lets get chinese - whch has to be the most calorific food in the whole world. MIL2B insists on cooking enough food for an army on a sunday when we're all menat to be dietig - Its as if they all want me to stay fat!


  • Great idea! what I have also found works is to just order a starter and tell yourself you can order another course if you're still hungry when you finish (that way it doesn't feel like you're depriving yourself). 9 times out of 10 a starter portion is actually enough. I got this idea from watching my sister who is super skinny and she hardly ever finishes her plate because she says she can't eat when she's full.. whereas I would keep munching regardless. Starter portions/ kids portions solve the problem!!
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