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Does anyone else have any health problems and losing weight for the big day?? Ive got severe pcos,and need to lose a drastic amount of weight for my wedding in 2013.i know its quite far away but having pcos is going to make the weightloss alot harder to do especially without being given any medication until ive lost half of my target weight. ive also had problems with my knees of which ive had to have an operation on one possibly needing to be done again and the same with the other.


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    I think you probably need to see your doctor first - s/he should be able to recommend the best course of action. I would imagine something that advocates healthy eating (like Weight Watchers or Slimming World) over a faddy diet (like Atkins or cabbage soup!) would be the best option, but do go and seek advice before you start anything. That way you'll hopefully get the best possible result!
  • theyve already given me the low gi diet to do which i start next friday. i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who had health problems like mine and was trying to lose weight. image
  • Hi Hun, I completely understand how you feel, I have load of weight to lose for my big day (18th May), I have PCOS and an underactive thyroid, Drsbanswer is that I will find it difficult to loose weight (really?). The metformin they gave me for PCOS made me ill and the only other treatment is dianette which put weight on me - I completely understand where you are coming from - its terrifying not being able to control it (and it's not true that you will lose weight if you try hard enough, I count calories, go to the gym 5 times a week and have a PT)

    If you want a chat or to have a moan feel free to PM me

    Lou x
  • Hi girls, just wanted to chip in on the PCOS front - I've had this for years and used to think that was what was making me struggle to lose weight - then I realised I wasn't being very honest with myself (super sweet tooth alert!!) and I just wasn't approaching it right. I cut out stodgy foods, cakes and treats (oh, and wine - BOOOO!!!!) and starchy bleached carbs (white pastas and breads etc.) and started doing blitzes of cardio in groups (netball and aerobics, 3 or 4 times a week) and I lost three stone in six months without feeling like it was an effort - I was just eating the wrong stuff and not doing the right type of exercise. The gym has never worked for me - it's not intense enough over a short period as I've a short attention span and it's too easy to 'waste' time and then tell myself I 'spent an hour there'. I kept it all off comfortably, until falling in love with H2B about four years later and finding myself in that 'content' eating pattern - e.g. just eating sh*t!

    So, now I'm getting married in less than 4 months and need to drop a good stone and a half-ish again. Grrrrr..... but honestly, take the right approach and the fat will shift easier than you think - as much as I hated it at first, running has actually been amazing at kick-starting my weight loss this time round. But for me and the PCOS, the best benefit has always been the diet change - bleached carbs are not our friends!! My skin also improves drastically as do the other side effects - e.g. Hirsutism and irregular periods (got into a 33-35 day cycle every month, from going months with nothing) which is also good for baby planning next year image whoop whoop!


    Keep smiling - you can do it!


    Sandy xxxx

  • Well it is important to that people who are near to their wedding should look slim and free from fats . Their main concern is to reduce extra fat which may make them look in a manner which is attractive because of the fact that wedding is memorable for people who are going to marry . So they need to get exercise and take light foods which may help them reducing fats .

  • My mum has recently had her 2nd knee replacement and a few years ago before she had the first one done she was advised to lose weight to help with the arthritic pains.  She lost over 4st with Slimming World and looks amazing!  Unfortunately due to other problems with her left knee since childhood, it made no improvement in the pain she experienced, so they replaced her joint about 18m ago.  She recovered really well and quickly and I'm sure a lot of that was attributed to the fact she had lost a significant amount of weight.

    She had the right knee done in July, and is making a brilliant recovery.  She went back to Slimming World this week after a 9 month break where she has been virtually immobile due to pain, and found she had only regained 10lb since then and is now spurred on to lose the weight for my wedding.

    We are a bigger family in general, and I decided to join SW in May, and have lost just under 3st since then.  It is hard, but I also think it is about being totally honest with yourself about what you eat.  An occaisional treat is good for you, but doing it every day will have detrimental effects on your efforts.  I think SW works well for me as there is virtually unlimited choices and as I work busy shifts I never feel hungry these days.  You have to have the will power to continue, and try not to give up if things are slowing up, as long as the scales are going down, you're doing the right thing  Good luck as we all know this isnt' easy!

    P.S. So we now have trolling from telemedicine and health services to contend with!?  As a medical professional myself I am seriously disturbed by this!!

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    I'm in the same situation, on both Dianette and Metformin (they didn't tell me Dianette can cause weight gain though, grrr!) no helpful advice to give, I struggle hugely so I've obviously not found anything that helps me! Would love to buddy up for support though if anyone is interested? My wedding is in Sep 2013 and I would like to loose about 9 stone to be a healthy weight, but don't expect to do that before the wedding!!

    Oh, and my Dr was useless. Just told me that when he came back from holiday "the heaviest he had ever been" he lost his extra 7lbs by eating the usual foods but only 25 percent of the usual amount and I should do the same! Wish I had asked him how much he thought I ate and how eating so little could possibly be healthy long term!
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    Hmm, I did do a low carb diet (not as extreme as Atikins) for a while and it did work but I just couldn't afford it. The emphasis on protein was easy to follow and kept me satisfied but my bank balance shrank faster than I did! Might have to give it another go though.

    Is extra easy the same as the old green days? I was a SW member years ago so I could dig out the info from then.
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    That would be great, thanks x
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    Umm, I can't seem to get pming to work! How do I do it?
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    Never mind, I worked it out!
  • Hi MrsF2be

    Ive started slimming world tonight too if you want to buddy or talk

    Lou x
  • Drugs don't cause weight gain. Drugs will cause an increase in appetite, which makes you eat more, which makes you put on weight. Believe me I know!

    The first step in losing weight is being honest with yourself, medical issues or not. If you're not in the right place mentally you will not lose weight. The first step is to write down absolutely everything you eat and drink for a week and you will see where you are going wrong.

    I lost, and more importantly kept off, 3 st with SW. It took me 8 months, no fad diet, no crash diet, no starving myself and no quick fix. I changed my cooking and eating habits forever. It can be done, but you have to be honest with yourself about what you are putting in your mouth.
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    I have PCOS too & the only way I can lose weight is low carbing. I only eat cards at breakfast now- I couldn't live without my toast image

    I've lost 15lb now doing low carb & calorie counting. I use myfitnesspal religiously to make sure I don't go over.

    But my advice would be, halve your carbs & watch what happens! X
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