Couch to 5k - anyone interested in trying?


Ive just come across 'Couch to 5k' I didnt actually know what it was before! Its basically a regime to get you from the couch to running 5k in 8 weeks, 3 times per week! Gradually building up!

But if you have an iPhone/android etc you can download the app!

Anyone interested in being a buddy?


  • I'm very interested although I'd only be able to start in 3 weeks and would probably do it all from the comfort of my Wii! But I may be persuaded otherwise, it does look good but might do 30DS to get started first.
  • Ooh you can run on the wii?

    Ive done the 30 day shred not finished it but i injured myself twice image

    I fancy a challenge, and most runners are skinny image
  • That's exactly what I thought - all the people I see running are HOT so it must work!! But yes you can do free running so you can watch TV and the lady talks to you through the remote, it's pretty cool!
  • Hi I need to get a move on with loosing weight and toning up....just under 20 wks to go for me and im still lazy image

    Is the 30 day shred any good? Also im just reading about the 'Couch...' challenge..

    I'll be a buddy?

  • 30 day shred is good, but it kinda bored me and then i got injured but thats just me!

    I havent decided when to start yet...i need to get my new sunglasses (Prescriptions) and make a plan, cos its best to ddo it on certain days and stick to it apparently!

    Can you get the app bella?
  • yes im just looking on my iphone..there are a few, not sure which on to get? Which one have you got Mou?
  • I went for the free one - 5K runner....
  • Right app downloaded!!! Im going to start tonight!

    This is the push i need...Am also going to buy 30DS.

    Im so unfit Im sure i'll be rubbish but needs must! xx
  • yay bella fab! Let me know how you get on, im starting tomorrow image ill have my specs so i wont run off the bloody road! Good luck! Get some good music to run with i find it helps! I usually listen to club music image
  • hey,

    just to let you all know, I started this in feb and completed it. Was hard work sometimes but it does work! I managed to do the race for life at the beginning of july and completed it in just under half an hr (i could not run before I started c25k!)

    good luck and if I can help in any way please pm me!

    my one tip would be to get some decent trainers otherwise your feet will hurt really really badly.
  • youngbride2011 well done! Id be over the moon if i could do it! Losing weight too!
  • Thats awesome MrsS! Im so excited to get going!!! Its so hot though thats my obstacle! Bought a vest this morning image
  • Hi everyone,

    I did the 'get running' app and it is brilliant! Was hard work, but I can now run for 30 minutes non stop- thats about 2.5 miles!! And I literally could barely do a minute at the beginning.

    I also did the 30 day shred and running on the wii, but found both of these really hurt my knees and legs, so I stopped. Be careful not to injure yourselves, but good luck! Anyone found a good app for continuing to build up running?

  • ooh yay another success story wandering_bird!

    I cant imagine running for 1 minute! I hope i can!
  • Im starting 2nite dear image my new prescription sunglasses come today so ive waited for them or ill run off the road image
  • I know this may not help directly, but just wanted to offer some encouragement...I really couldn't run 5 mins back in May, but I've kept at it (much to the despair of h2b sometimes) and now I can run 45 minutes (about 7km, I'm not very fast) really comfortably. Honestly, if I can do it anyone can image
  • Morning!

    Have to confess-didnt start last night image

    OH had a football meeting to go to and was HOURS!! think the fact it was in the clubhouse bar might have had something to do with it image

    So i AM starting tonight....I will do it I will do it I will do it imageimageimage

    Its good to hear its worked for other ladies! well done !!!
  • Yay im starting 2nite too Bella image

    So ill do Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday most probably!
  • Yay so I did day 1! Few Hitches! We tried going down hill then uphill and it screwed me up! Was way too much, so defo must be on the flat! I'm feeling pretty Pleased thOugh and determined! No idea if I'll get to 5k, I'm slow! Lol!

    Bella did you manage day 1 dear? Xxx
  • Feeling slightly sore today but determined!

    My husband came with me last night and i feel bad im so slow he only ended up walking, wasnt good for morale! So i told him to do it in the mornings and ill go alone in evenings image its like running next to Linford Christie - your gonna feel like a twunt image
  • Morning!

    Well done Mou! Doesnt matter how slow all that matters is you did it! And so did I imageimageimage

    So slowly at times i thought i was going backwards image

    Also felt like i was gonna die! Feeling a bit sore today too.

  • Me toooooooooooooooo image i felt sick! But i think the hill was the enemy! Looking forward to day 2 - on Thursday!

    Did you likey?
  • Strangely yes i did likey!

    Not sure why image Looking forward to thurs to do it again. Also going to buy 30DS today.

    So in a month I'll either be slim,toned and fit......or dead imageimage xx
  • Quoted:
    So in a month I'll either be slim,toned and fit......or dead xx

    Ill pop back on tell you how i get on, if you will to image
  • Hello!

    I am on week 4 (day 1 complete).

    I cannot believe I can now run 4 minutes all at once! I honestly struggled to make the first minute week 1!!!!!

    I've never been able to run - never ever - not even when I was young and thin!

    I have tried the free app, but I would recomment the free podcasts 5k101 (search on itunes). My OH finds the american guy quite irritating and the music is a bit horrendous - however - I think it works! Listening to the guy telling me I'm doing a "good job" sounds ridiculous - however 20minutes in to a jog...sometimes it's the only thing to keep me going!! hehe!

    (I believe you can upgrade to an app which can then use your own music but I haven't tried to do this yet. THe dance music keeps me running at the right speed - so it serves it's purpose).

    If anyone has any questions - PM me!
  • oooooh excellent jayellekay! Love reading that people really cant run then can with this app it gives me hope! Im going to check out that podcast, it was mentioned by someone somewhere but they did say the name.


  • Aching like hell, but ready for day 2!
  • Yay even though I'm sore I made Day 2 I think I even found it easier!
  • Hi All,

    If you want to listen to your music whilst running download the 'Get Running' app - it's the same principal as the Couch to 5K etc but it lets you listen to your own music and when it gives you an update it turns your music down slightly each time and speaks over it.

    I've complete the app now and can now run around 40minutes which is around 3.5 to 4 miles. Before I started it I couldn't even run for a minute! Don't get me wrong, it's not easy and in places it can sometimes still feel like hard work but you get such a buzz when you keep completing runs and seeing the scales going down! (I've lost a stone through running 3 times a week, sit ups and eating healthily) honestly if I can do it - anyone can image
  • Hi

    I have just joined this website. I am getting married in April next year. I might be interested in joining 5K thing. I enjoy running but I am just a rubbish at it.

    How's everyone getting on with it?

    Emma x image
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