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Hi all, i've been getting more and more worried about running out of time to get rid of the last two stone i need to fit into my dress, im thinking of starting slim fast. From their website it seems you eat three healthy 100cal snacks a day, 2 shakes or meal bars and a 600cal main meal. I think i could manage that, anyone else tried this?


  • Hiya

    Im currently on it at the moment and the only really hard bit is late afternoon. I dont have my first shake until 11ish and this is the first thing i eat each day.

    Ive only done a week but ive lost 3 pounds.
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    hmmm, i love my food too! too much as my problem suggests! I'll give it a go for a week and see how i get on. Need something to work!! image Thanks for your replies though, i'll try and space out the snacks so i dont get too hungry
  • DanweDanwe Posts: 283
    I do it every now and then when i need to loose a few pounds, I find it really easy once I get into the swing of it.....I believe it's a mind over matter thing (like most things) I do admit tho, that I do sometimes swap out the S.F snacks for snacks with the same calorie content (just to liven it up a bit) and often swap my lunchtime shake for sushi pack from tescos which is only 142 calories.

    I also find it easier to buy the tubs and 4 pints of skimmed milk; the pre made bottles are nasty!!! xxx
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    thanks i'll pick up some tonight, has anyone lost a good amount on it?
  • I lost a stone and 3lbs on Herbal life, which is a similar concept. I struggled initially but when you get used to it, it's fine. The problem is that your stomoch shrinks and gets used to minimal food intake. Because of this, I wouldn't suggest it as a long term option. It's great as a kick start, but you have to be careful when you start eating 'properly' again as it's easy to put the weight back on. In my opinion, nothing beats a healthy eating plan combined with regular exercise (I previously lost three stone this way image) Good luck!!
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Well for an update, ive been on the slimfast for a few days and the scales are 3lb down, although thats probs just water, having super healthy main meals like fish and veg and plenty of fruit, am loving the shakes and after the first 2 days of getting used to it I haven't been starving between meals. Need to get off the sofa and do some exercise though!
  • I did this a couple of years ago and lost......

    A big fat zero!

    I think my body doesn't tolerate milk too well, I lost 5 pounds in the week after I came off it! Different things work for different people.

    Now if you want a super quick fix... Maple Syrup Diet!

    Did this before I went on holiday in March - 8 pounds in 7 days and I had to eat on days 4 & 5 of that because I felt dizzy

    All went straight back on of course but I will be doing it the week before my wedding!
  • I did it and lost barely anything. Was very disappointed. The calorie reduction isn't that much and you can have a lot of food for the equivalent calorific value. If you ARE going to do it then you may as well go for something with the same principles of drinking shakes and a small meal but one that reduced the calories a lot more such as the cambridge diet. I tried that and lost 6lbs in a week but had to stop because I hated it so much. I now do slimming world and have a steady weight loss (of 2-3lbs a week) and still get to eat lots of nice things image x
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