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Weightwatchers Success

Hi Girls

I thought I would share my weightwatchers success with you, even though I am not getting married till 2013 and actually started my weightloss before we got engaged, I started in January and its been very slow but I have lost 1 Stone 10 Pounds and need two pound to goal weight, I think the plan is brilliant and when you are at goal (which hopefully is this week) you can go for free and add 9 points extra to your day to maintain.

I have gone from a 16 to a 10/12 and feel the best I have ever felt I now eat so much better and healthier and would never go back to the way I ate before I started the new propoints plan is brilliant and would highly reccommend it (I had serious issues with chocolate) and it doesnt bother me at all now.

Hope you are all doing well xxx

I now cant wait to try dresses onimage



  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674
    Yay - congratulations Laura! I lost about 2 stone a couple of years ago with Weight Watchers, so I agree that it's great!
  • I know it really does work doesnt it x

    I stick to it all the time now and have a treat once a week dont really miss anything either I am keeping it off this time and still gonna get weighed a few times a month
  • lohan85lohan85 Posts: 185
    Well done! Weight watchers is fab, I haven't tried the new plan, but I used the plan four years ago and lost 4 stone, my brain thinks in points now. WW brainwashed me image
  • Congratulations, I lost 3st 7 lbs with WW and have kept it off. I could never go back to the way I ate before either. I see it as a way of life rather than a diet.

    I joined before we set a wedding date so was losing weight for a healthier me. My OH started last January and he has lost 3stone as well with me weighing him and being his WW Leader....LOL

    I was a large 14-16 and now I am a size 10 and my wedding dress is a size 10. I have my final fititng on 30th January and off to St Lucia on 27th March for our wedding image
  • nicki126nicki126 Posts: 248
    Thanks girls for your encouraging words! See thread 'wish me luck.....rejoining weight watchers tonight'....that's the thread I started and there are loads of us on there who would be grateful to get your advice!

    Annemarie- lost 3 stone before but near enough put it all back on.....even though I was so proud of myself at the time....I am looking at this being a life change rather than a diet but I am worried that I'll slip back into bad habits and gain it back....what would you recommed?
  • lisabri12lisabri12 Posts: 199
    Fantasic success stories, like nicki said join us on the other's nice to share tips and give each other a helping hand when needed image
  • Great!I think with a beautiful wedding dress you will be happier!BEST WISH FOR YOU!
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