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I hate special k!

I am one week into the special k diet and have just weighed myself.....i've put on 2 pounds!! OHNO!

I have been so good not snacking apart from fruit and making my main meal of the day (lunch) healthy AND i've done the Ministry of sound Pump it up workout dvd 5 times in one week! I can't believe i've put on weight.

I do admit to having a few drinks on sat and a roast yesterday but surely my good behaviour for the rest of the week would cancel that out???

I ache all over and was still planning to exercise today but now feel it's pointless! I need some motivation/encouragment/ideas. HELP!



  • katie-janekatie-jane Posts: 18
    dont give up!!

    i hate special k, ... i dont like milk!!

  • I don't like special k much either.

    A friend of mine suggested i do the cocopops diet.....i think she was taking the mick!
  • Hey Georgie,

    It could be if you've been exercising so much that the extra weight is muscle, or it could be that your body is just adjusting to the change (ie. in panick mode so hanging on to the weight) - once it realises it's not starving itself the weight will start to come off, definitly give it another week it sounds like you have done really well x
  • missy31415missy31415 Posts: 85
    DONT GIVE UP...I have been very sensible over the last few months...i have been eating only when i am hungry and then eating something sensible, PLUS i've been riding 2 horses daily and walking my dogs about 2 miles a night...but the weight is coming off loads one week, then the next i'll put 2lbs on??? I'm not giving up, my theory is that my body panicks that i'm trying to starve it so stores fat, but trust me, it starts coming off again. Just stick to a diet / regime that suits you and as long as you are being sensible and exercising, the weight will HAVE to drop off eventually!!
  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122
    Yeah Dont Give Up!!

    I started running (well jogging!) in January & everyone said Oooh the weight will just drop off you.

    It has not!!

    I am still pretty much the same weight but I am noticably more toned now (apparently!)

    I so could have given up just thinking about the weight but how you feel is more important so keep it up you'll be doing yourself more good than harm it just might take a while!
  • sweetascandy127sweetascandy127 Posts: 2,562
    I did this diet and put on weight i was very disheartened so joined ww and lost 5lb in 1 week, this is much beta i think
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    I hate milk but i love special k. You have to remember that muscle weighs 10 x more than fat so while you may put weight on the scales you could be losing in inches. You should measure yourself once a week. Im onto my 3rd time doing this diet and its working. The first time i lost 5lb.
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