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Madal Bal Diet/Maple Syrup detox - anybody tried this?


As the title suggests, I was just wondering whether anybody has had any experience with this detox program? You mix the syrup with lemon juice and cayenne pepper or ginger.

My H2B and I are going to try this in January, and were thinking of 5 days of detox followed by 5 days of liquids only (soup) to ease back in. We'd love to hear others' experiences and tips!


  • Hi there

    I tried this before my wedding and i was really happy with the results. I wanted to lose a bit of weight and just feel a bit healthier as i was so stressed. I saw it as a bit of an overhaul with lots of added benefits (ie better skin, shinier hair, more energy, better sleep etc)

    I did 3 days of fasting, followed by a further 10 days where i replaced my evening meal with the LD formula. The results were amazing! I lost 7lbs (which stayed off) and felt really re-energised. My skin and hair improved (as they had predicted) and i managed to retain a more healthy approach to eating etc (basically, i managed to cut out the bad stuff). It's a great programme to follow before your final fitting and it really helped me focus on feeling good. I'd recommend it for sure. It definitely worked for me!!

  • You body already has a perfectly good detox mechanism - it's called your liver. Of course you will lose weight on these 'detox' programmes - you are in essence starving yourself. You might feel good on some of these 'diets', but you won't be doing your body any good. Most detox and VLCD diets have no scientific evidence to back them.

    Take a tip from someone who has absolutely ruined their health through extreme dieting - don't do it. There are plenty of sensible, healthy eating plans out there that help you to lose weight. Sure, they will produce less dramatic results, but you won't be gambling with your health.
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