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9 stone to lose 18months!!! - Help keep me on track

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone is well.. I am getting married JUne 2013.. I started my diet straight away.. as am sure all you ladies know you want to look great on your wedding day and lets say i have alot (9stone) to lose..

I was hoping for some tips to keep me going and to see if there is anyone else out there going through the same.. maybe be able to help each other..

Much love



  • mebananamebanana Posts: 114
    No tips as such as I've just started myself - but just wanted to wish you luck x x
  • debbiedoodebbiedoo Posts: 230
    Hi hun, well done for taking the first step. i've lost over 12 stone so far its hard but it can be done. the best advice i can give is dont put too much pressure on yourself, you are human and if you have a blip dont dwell on it dust yourself off and carry on. i've seen so many people have 1 choccy biccy and then give up on the whole week, instead of forgetting about it and carrying on. feel free to pm me if you need any help/someone to moan to. good luck x
  • No tips necessarily to give you but I wanted to let you know you're not alone. I've sent you an e-mail. image
  • Mrs_MaccaMrs_Macca Posts: 112
    Sensible diet and exercise, seems simple, but genuinely is the best way to lose weight...I should know...lost 7 stone a few years ago and no excess skin, as I toned all the way through!

    Definitely agree with debbmlawrie though...if you do have a slip up, don't carry on eating badly and think, oh well I'll start again tomorrow, there is no better time than now, so don't dwell on the slip up, focus on your goals and put it down to experience, otherwise you will always make excuses to put it off for another day.

    Cut out alcohol, as this is serious empty calories and will only make you crave food that is also calorific. I always tell myself that for every glass of wine I drink, I might as well have had a chocolate bar! (Puts it into perspective) So honestly, try and keep drinking alcohol to the bare minimum.

    Exercise is so so important, particularly as you have a lot to lose, as I said above, I lost 7 stone and had no excess or loose skin, because I worked really hard at it and toned all the way through. Interval training is the best way to start, for example, 2 mins jogging to 1 min walking and continue this until you can increase the jogging to 4 mins and 2 mins walking in between, obviously the fitter you get the more you can increase the jogging. Also non weight bearing exercise will help if you do struggle cos of the weight, so the cross trainer and bike are good for this.

    Keep your diet varied, so that you don't get bored. Lots of salads, meat, fish, veg, try and not eat too much pasta, bread or potatoes, as these are bulky carbs, try and limit it to a couple of times a week.

    Drink lots of water throughout the day, sometimes our body tells us we are hungry, but it is not always hunger, but thirst, so have a drink of water and wait to see if the hunger is still there, if it is then obviously have a healthy snack, not eating when your body tells you it is hungry is not going to aid weight loss, as your body thinks it is starving and will save fat as a source of energy!

    Keep lots of healthy snacks in, so if you are hungry between meals you do not pick at anything bad. One really tasty and really good "snack" is : buy some bananas and strawberries, ensure they are ripe and cut them up and freeze them. Using milk, low cal sweetener and the frozen fruit, blend it up and it makes and really yummy smoothie with limited calories, but pretty filling due to the banana and really healthy and good for dieting particularly as strawberries are a "super food".

    Also my own little tip, one meal that was my "saver" whenever I had a lull in the weight...which will happen...especially if you exercise regularly, as although you burn fat, you tone and build muscle, meaning some weeks the weight would stay the same, also that time of the month can have an effect due to water retention, but I found my "saver" meal was natural yoghurt, fruit and muesli...really nice, filling and if I did this for a few days for all my meals I found it kick started my weight loss again.

    Also, (sorry about the essay), but sometimes our bodies can be a couple of weeks behind, so if you start exercising week 1, it can take until week 3 for your body to show the results and for you to feel stick with it!

    Good luck image

  • I'm in the same position and our wedding is May 2013. Joined back at weight watchers tonight so fingers crossed I will be successful. I bought my dress off ebay (fingers, toes and eyes crossed it is the stunning bargain I think it is) which is 5 sizes smaller which I hope is a realistic size to get to for our big day so am hoping this will give me the encouragement I need (and a big visual reminder of what I am working towards)

    Just wanted to say good luck image x
  • Thanks EVER so much ladies a big help all the comments..


    well done on losing 7 stone amazing image

    I have lost 13lbs so far and been eating healthy and cooking everything myself (no processed food) with salads and fruits.

    with walking/jogging - Although I went and sprained my ankle on my friday night walk so resting for a few weeks then back on it..

    I am so glad to see am not the only one as am sure all you ladies understand can feel like your the only one those having weight issues.

    ellen xxxx
  • The only thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow is logging all my food! I use My fitness pal, and it really is the only thing I find that makes me stick to it!

    I can't stand the shame of writing down an entire packet of biscuits! And it is really encouraging when you come in under/at your calorie intake goal
  • Good luck with ur weightloss and well done so far image

    i too have at least 9st 2loose b4 my wedding x i weigh in at 20st 8lb jst now imageops: xx iv jst started meal replacement diet (similar 2 cambridge diet) but im sure we can all keep each other motivated on hereimage
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