Anyone trying to lose a massive amount in a small time?

So ladies, im trying to lose 8 stone in the space of 7 months. I have lost 2 stone so far in 6 weeks. I have another 6 stone to go in 5.5 months! I am working so hard to do it!! I know it is possible i just need to stay focused. I put on all the weight since we have been together bu eating huge portions, crisps, wine, cheese etc every night and i have paid the price! I kept putting off the diet but i have bought a size 12 dress i must get into! Anyone else going for such a (mad) i mean huge weight loss?? Lets keep each other motivated!!


  • Good luck hun!! I need to lose 2 stone in 3 months! How are you doing it? x
  • CaraB23CaraB23 Posts: 65
    Wow you are doing fantastic, stay focused. I'm struggling to stay focused but keep reminding myself its one day and lots of expensive photos image would love to know how you are doing the weight loss?
  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126
    I know people who have lost several stone in a short period of time on the Lighter Life diet. I don't think it's particularly healthy and a lot of people put the weight back on again but it might get you into your dress quicker! Good luck x
  • I'm like you - all the weight went on since we've been together. I' looking to loose 7 stone in 10 months!!! I have my first circuit trianing session tomorrow and start WW on Thursday. Wish me luck!
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    well done your doing well so far - how are you doing it?

    I have my 8 week countdown from Saturday and ideally would like to loose 2 stone but I know that is slightly unrealistic. Am currently debating a 'crash diet' or something I usually wouldnt advocate such as lighter life etc just to loose the weight and then go onto slimming world after wedding so dont pile it all back on.

    got no one to blame but myself mind as I have had a year to loose it and didnt! image
  • I am eating around 500 cals per day, its the same amount they eat on lighter life and im trying to do an hour of excercise per week. Not much exercise but its way more than i ever done before. I will try and build that. I usually keep 100 cals for milk and drink about 3 large mugs of coffee at work. I eat a carton of strawberries through the day then i have a chicken breast at night with broccoli or some other veggies. I also drink 4L of water per day. At the weekend i allow myself a glass of wine and a packet of crisps just so i dont get too depressed. It really does work but you MUST drink the water! Im just worried about excess skin....

  • Hi and well done on ur weightloss image

    Soo i weigh in at a MASSIVE 20st8lb imageops: i have just started meal replacement diet (similar 2cambridge diet) and although iv got 2yrs b4 i get married i want 2 lose weight so i can go dress shopping and feel comfortable trying dresses onimage xim hopeing keeping every1 updated on this will help motivate me xx
  • You can do it Carlan! Just imagine how amazing you will heel in ur dress!! I am having a bottle of wine tonight and making pasta for dinner but i wont feel guilty, straight back on tomorrow. Only lost 5lbs in the last 10 days but im going to be super strict for the next week after tonight and try loose 7lbs by next monday. Look at it like a game, i do! I go soo strict for days just to see how much i can lose, then i have a day off and a drink, then a 1000 cal day, then go for it again. It works and keeps it intersting!! Good luck xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm just being really nosey and wondering how you're doing?! image
  • pr1nc3ss2pr1nc3ss2 Posts: 38
    Ive lost another 2 stone since last post so thats 4 stone all in.
  • well done pr1nc3ss2 !

    Can I join in? I want to drop some weight too. I'm 10 stone ish and want to ideally drop 1 stone in the next 4 - 5 months.

    Problem is I already exercise regularly and I think I eat fairly healthily (no fried foods, no alcohol, soft drinks, fast food!)
  • pr1nc3ss2pr1nc3ss2 Posts: 38
    1 stone in 5 months will be super easy. I would say that just beacuse you eat healthy does not mean you eat low calorie or low fat. try limit your calories to 1,200 per day and you should drop 1-2 per week. I can do 1 stone in 2-3 weeks

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    I have lost 3 and a half stone in just over 4 months with the cambridge diet. I am now introducing food back, the main thing that i have realised is how much i used to eat. Think it has made us change lifestyle rather than just doing a diet.
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    I dont know how you have the engery to exercise on 500cals a day!! image

    Well done on the weight loss, I have 1 stone to lose in 7 months so I dont need to be as drastic as you have been but if I dont do it I might be coming back to this thread!
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    eating only 500 cals a day is very unhealthy and something that isn't safe to do long term. I worry about a 2 stone weight loss in only 6weeks, although they do say that the closer you get to your ideal weight it gets harder, so if you only have a stone to loose it is harder than to loose 6 stone. Im not an expert but I do watch a lot of these weight loss programmes and also know about weightwatchers and slimming world.
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    image At 500 calories a day, my guess is you'd lose plenty of weight but look terribly malnourished and ill by your wedding day!

    I lost 67lb (just under 5 stone) for my wedding, over the course of about 9 months. I did this by eating 1200 cals a day, using Myfitnesspal, having the odd day off, and EXERCISING REGULARLY. Even if this means walking to work and back, or just round the block a few times, it all helps and the weight comes off more healthily.

    At least make sure you are taking a multivitamin/mineral pill daily if you're going to be starving your body of food for the next few weeks...
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