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Couch to 5k

I started this on Monday following the 9 week program set out here in order to go from the couch - ie. no excercise - to running 5k;

I intend to do Mon/Wed/Fri to fit in with my work and college but if I miss a session I will make up for it on the weekend (which I don't really want to do but sometimes needs must!)

Week 1 ;

Monday - Weighed in;

This was my first gym session in around a year (genuinely!) so I was a bit nervous about doing any exercise for 30 mins straight!

I walked at 5.5km/h and ran at 7.5km/h so not to over exert myself and not be able to finish it.


2nd session was a bit more hectic. I managed to leave without half of my gym stuff in the morning (No towel, water, earphones, ipod armband, bobble, hairband, motivation...image ) but I still managed to get through the same work out. It's difficult to say if it was any easier, to be honest, but I hurt a lot less today than I did on Wednesday!


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Well done Clare. Me and my hubby are starting the couch to 5k tonight but not in the gym, we are going out running, well more brisk walking for me. I don't need to lose weight for my wedding so gatecrashing this thread but I have 13 weeks to go until my holiday and since I have gained over 2 stone since I met my hubby and had a baby then I really need to shift it.

    Fingers crossed I don't seriously damage my health doing it

    Dawn x
  • I'm on week for of that app. I've really enjoyed it but haven't lost any weight yet.
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