weight loss buddy needed please

weight loss buddy needed! Only 3 months left til my wedding and still another stone to loose! I've managed to loose 2 and a half stone in the past year but could do with a buddy to help me with the final stone. Starting to find it really hard and with the wedding just around the corner my stress levels are starting to go up! this means food looks even more inviting! any suggestions? I have started running 3-4 times a week now aswell.

Please help me




  • I'm totally with you - it's 2 months til the wedding, just over a month til my dress fitting (which still doesn't do up!!! eek!0 image and it's so hard! I still have 10lbs to lose

    Have you tried cutting down on carbs, and varying your exercise? for example, doing running for a week, then switching to working on the cross trainer, whilst doing an exercise DVD like 30 day shred on other days? your body gets used to exercise so keep challening yourself and this should help!image

    Whereabouts are you based?
  • based in stevenage in hertfordshire, I have been cutting down on the carbs and eating a lot of fruit and veg, also been running 3-4 times a week when the weather allows and it's not snowing and cycling 10k on the exercise bike once or twice a day!! it's heavy going but desperately trying to get things moving again!!

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi ladies,

    i jst started a new diet last wk and ive lost 6lb image

    im doing slimfast diet and 30 day shred wokout image might be worth a wee try 2kick start again xx gdluck with whatever u choose 2do xx
  • 10k on the bike?! image Hats off to you lady!! (I nearly put lady nads then, but it sounded wrong...but it made me giggle so i had to mention it!!)

    I've lost 10lb but i really need to lose more before my dress fitting...trouble is I had flu last week and I'm away this week so the diet and exercise has completely fallen by the wayside.

    Might have to take drastic measures!

    Carlan1985, is slimfast any good?!
  • nads1982nads1982 Posts: 73

    Once you get going you will be fine!! I find getting started the worst bit. Some days I dread it but once I've done my exercise I feel so much better, my problem is I'm getting bored of salad!!! any ideas?


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