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weekend detox???


does anyone know of a good weekend detox , h2b is working all weekend and i feel really sluggish at mo and my skin is greasy thought it a good weekend to do a detox and get rid of all the rubbish nice quiet weekend at home for me


  • mm5apmm5ap Posts: 33
    i dont really know a good specific plan but if you just eat fruit and veg for 2 days and drink about 3 litres of water a day then that will help with your skin and keep your vitamins up so you don't feel so sluggish. You feel much better after cutting out crap like coffee and chocolate etc.

    Good Luck!!!
  • I did a five day detox a couple of weeks ago and I felt fantastic afterwards. I bought a juicer and devised my own plan, which I knew would be easy to stick to.

    Before you start: no alcohol for a day or so and cut down on wheat.

    Day one:

    porridge or ready brek for breakfast with skim milk

    juice for lunch - carrot and apple gives you loads of energy, plus a little ginger too if you like

    soup for dinner, any kind will do but home made is best and use only vegetables

    snacks - a couple of plain oatcakes or rice cakes

    3 litres of water or herbal tea

    Day two

    Same breakfast and lunch as before

    Dinner - salad with only veg, no dressing except lemon juice

    3 litres water or herbal tea

    No coffee, alcohol, wheat, (or cigarettes)

    I did this for 5 days and lost four pounds. My skin looked fantastic and I had loads of energy. I also swam for half an hour on three days and brisk walking uphill on the treadmill for the other two days. I'm doing it again next week too.

    Good luck!
  • brookeslaybrookeslay Posts: 151
    hi there

    First get in supplies.

    healthy food, books , fitness DVd ( gentle ones)

    Then make sure your off limits to enjoy it.

    Weekend start the day with warm water and lemon

    dry skin brushing and salt scrub

    broth for lunch lighter than soup.

    Tai chi or relaxing CD

    Salad for dinner avocado good for skin.

    Next day same again but have some yoghurt bio.

    Then do wrap

    herbal tea

    Lunch.. broth


    pamper face mask.. hair mask

    Juice /smoothie

    Yoga/ Pilates

    Light Dinner

    Uplighting reading

    If you want want you can do just a juice fast

    Copied this info on fasting :

    Fasting or the abstinence of food is a means used in nature by all creatures, fasting is used to assist the body to relieve itself from discomfort, pain and disease.

    Fasting is a process of deep physiological rest.

    Fasting allows you to put an interval between the behaviour that you are accustomed to and the behaviour you aspire to.

    Fasting rejuvenates the digestive organs, refraining from eating minimises the work done by the stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder and liver. The blood and lymph also have the opportunity to be cleaned of toxins.

    Decreases the ageing process

    other benefits include; more energy, weight loss, greater clarity, clearer skin, reduction of allergies, improved senses.

    try champneys supplements and detox wrap
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