Harsh Word from Mother

Hello all,

Well after some not so pleasant words off my mum today regarding my weight, I am trying to get my head into a positive weight loss frame. She basically said to me if I dont loose weight, I'll look ridiculous in a wedding dress. Im already doing WW but its v. slow as I have no will power, but know I have to do something asap.

Im feeling pretty rubbish tonight about it all but have to pull myself together.

I just wanted to get it off my chest, please don't feel like you have to reply xxxx


  • beesbees Posts: 835
    I am slowly eating my way throught the house tonight. Bad enough that H2B just asked me if I was pregnant (look of panic on his face was fantastic.) So I know what you mean about will power.

    We all want to look good on the big day and maybe your mum didn't mean to be unkind, just wants you to feel good. My uncle once refered to me as 'fatty' in a jokey kind of way and it prompted me to lose 2 stone- although I was very cross and upset at the time.

    Look at it this way- Your h2b fancies you enough to want to marry you just as you are so even if you stay at your current weight he'll think you look gorgeous when he sees you walking down the aisle.
  • how horrible of your mom but i know where you are coming from hun i have had that most of my life from my nan!

    she probably was trying to be tactful but just epically failed

    keep at it but remember your hubby2be loves you whatever size you are!
  • cm_prcm_pr Posts: 339
    When are you getting married? And how much weight do you need to lose?

    I'm a 10/12 and my mum still says I'm fat, so I get how you're feeling! She's a cow about it!!!
  • You should never lose weight for someone else. It won't work. If you're happy with it, leave it alone.
  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322
    If she's anything like my mum, she had good intentions in that she wants you to look your best on your wedding day, and to feel good. It sounds like she's just said it in completely the wrong way. She's probably not being deliberately nasty, just utterly tactless image

    Maybe you could sit down with her, have a chat, say you're doing WW but a bit despondent because it's going slowly, and you'd appreciate her support.

    But as beesteacher says, your H2B loves you and fancies you just as you are, which is all that matters.
  • I've had this too. I just can't control my appetite. I did 3 spinning classes, 1 body combat class and 1 body pump class last week. I'm going to try hammering the classes instead now and it what i want (within reason.) It's v hard losing weight. Good luck xx
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    It's a shame your mum didn't show her support - maybe she didn't realise what she said and how it came across??

    I'm on herbalife. Have u tried it? I lost about 4 inches of my waist wheni first did it. Although its not an overnight thing you feel and see the results pretty quickly (.after 2 weeks )

    What ever you do though you will look fab and feel it to. Because its your wedding day.
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