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Totally off the wagon

Hi girls

I've been on SW for 9 months and I've lost 2 stone. I got to my target about a month ago, and since then I've really really struggled to stay motivated. I haven't been to weigh in the last two weeks and I'm writing this as I eat a huge cream cake. I've only got 4 1/2 weeks till my wedding and I don't want to put the weight back on!

I've not quite gone back to my pre-weight loss ways, but I'm on the slippery slope.

Please help!!!


  • Firstly, congratulations!! Have you got your wedding dress handy? pop it on... if it still fits perfectly, great, still put down the cream cake and think of the honeymoon snaps, if it doesnt fit, theres your motivation. You have done so well, dont spoil it now! I hope i do as well as you! I'm 3 months in to SW and have lost a stone, like you I would like to lose 2 in total! and think, the better behaved you are now.... the more wedding cake you can eat! good luck hun, dont beat yourself up, youve done soooo well! xx
  • Congratulations on losing the weight! I've been going to WW for the last 6 months and have lost just over 2 stone and got to my target last night in time for my dress fitting tomorrow! I know how you must feel about keeping the motivation.

    I'm sure you don't need me to tell you it would be good to go back to the weigh ins image I used to stick my head in the sand before WW but now the weigh ins and meetings do keep me motivated and if I have a bad week it's not the end of the world, but it does motivate me to do better for the following week. Don't beat yourself up over having the odd cream cake. So long as you keep it in your food diary and make allowances for it you are entitled to a treat. I agree with the advice above, could you try your dress on and re-enthuse youself image also think of things like the honeymoon. Tell yourself if you have a good week you can treat yourself to something for it?

    Another thing that works for me is looking at a load of 'before' snaps from a holiday when I was 2 stone heavier and thinking I don't want to go back to that hehe!

    Good luck and well done!
  • That's a great idea actually - I just looked back at some old photos and I look a right porker!! Maybe I should put it on my desktop at work!!

    Thanks for the advice - I'll go to my weigh in next week, I know you are right. And I haven't done food diaries for ages either, maybe I should go back to that.
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