Exercise and eating well but not losing weight?!!


I'm moaning here, but wondered if anyone else was going through this and could offer any advice?! I'm getting married in September, and am wanting to lose about a stone and really tone up before the wedding, so since January I was hitting the gym regularly and eating well, but only lost a couple of pounds. I found this really frustrating, and so, combined with a bout of illness in early Feb I stopped going to the gym for 3 weeks (maintaining the healthy diet) and lost 6 lbs! Then, last week (lent...kickstart) I gave up bread and crisps entirely, and have been swimming, to the gym and for long walks with my fiance. Weigh in day today-and I've put on 5lbs!!! 5 whole sodding pounds!!!

I just do not know what I'm doing wrong, I did Slimming World in 2010 and lost a stone and a half through healthy eating and exercise, so I think I'm doing broadly the right things, but as soon as I add in exercise I'm gaining a LOT of weight, but if I don't exercise I won't tone up for the wedding, and may be skinnier, but my stomach won't shift and my arms will not look great in the dress!

Is anyone else experiencing this and have any tips? I'm toying with going back to Slimming World because I know it works, but don't want to quit the gym (I quite like exercising to be honest) and can't really afford both with saving for the wedding! image

Any help out there?!!!


  • I'm no expert, but what kind of exercise are you doing? Cardio will help you burn calories, but you probably want to stay away from the muscle building exercises. However, this is only if you are looking at your weight alone. I would say you should take measurements of your hips etc, because you might find that altough you are not losing weight, or gaining a few punds, you may actually be losing inches because you are replacing your fat with muscle. I wouldn't be too preoccupied with your weight, it's quite misleading, i would definitely go with measurements image
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    agree with above, its a simple case of muscle weighing more than fat. do you feel more toned? have you been taking measurements? you dont really want to loose a stone, you want to loose equivalent inches-no ones going to know how much you weigh its how little you look like you could weigh. start keeping a log of measurements around your waist, bum, thighs and calves. you might find that your legs measurements go up a bit but you should see that they wobble less and that's where the magic happensimage
  • I have been sticking to calorie counting & exercising a lot & my weight just isn't shifting but i must say my body shape has totally changed.

    I have learned to not go by the scales & maybe start taking measurements & i bet you'll see a big difference. I have image

    G x

    PS I get married 2 weeks on Saturday image
  • Muscle weighs three times as much as fat. I needed to lose 2 inches around my waist to fit into my dress, so I ended up going to the gym practically every day Monday to Friday and eating better (not less, that wouldn't be healthy with so much exercise). It's been two months and I've managed! image However, out of curiosity I stepped on a scales to see if I'd lost weight, I've lost maybe 2-4 pounds, but everyone says I look really slim and the tape measure doesn't lie! I definitely recommend measuring instead of weighing and if there's anything you'd really like to work on, get an instructor at the gym to write up a program for you with exercises that focus on your problem areas. Good Luck!
  • Thanks all image good to know I'm not alone!!

    Right will get a measuring tape tonight and see how I do!

    Will keep you ladies posted, let me know how the wedding goes March2012Bride - and good luck!!! Sure it'll be wonderful!! image
  • Calorie counting has helped me I use my fitness pal as it has a huge database of all foods I was surprised about how bad some supposedly healthy food are! Good luck anyway!
  • As the above posters say muscle weighs much more than fat so you might actually see an increase in weight if you have upped the gym.

    I lost over 2 stone about 5 years ago just from going to the gym regularly and eating healtily and have managed to maintain my weight pretty much since then. Tips I would give are;

    1. Weights DO NOT add weight and 'bulk' up unless you were to do very, very heavy weights and low reps. Doing weights will actually help you burn fat - especially lower body ones such as squats and lunges. Doing weights is only the way you will tone up too. I would suggest 1-2 weights sessions a week - does your gym do body pump? If so this is an amazing class and I would really recommend it!

    2. Cardio is good but for fat burning you have to keep your heart rate high - going on the cross trainer on a low setting for a hour won't get anyone anywhere. I would recommend the rower or running machine and do intervals - 1 min walk and 1 min sprint/30 secs sprint row and 30 secs rest. Guaranteed to burn fat!!

    3. Eat little and often - this will keep your metabolism up. Don't completely cut any food group out as this will only lead to cravings and you 'binging'.

    4. Avoid 'white' foods - eat wholemeal bread/pasta if you aren't already - they have a lower GI index and will keep you fuller for longer.

    If you need any more help with working out a diet/programme just give me a shout, I am not a fitness intructor but I have been a gym freak for the last 5 years and feel really passionate about it!

    Hope I don't come across as sounding too weird!! xx image
  • Soon2bMrsH, i also use My Fitness Pal on my blackberry & love it. its defo helped me stick to my calories & get into shape better...

    G x
  • use myfitnesspal to record a TRUE diary of everything you eat... until you write it all down you 'think' you're eating well but how about that bar of choc or those packets of crisps that creep in daily... are you sure you're eating as well as you can?

    and incorporate resistance/weight training in as others have said.. this is transform your shape and it's not just about the number on the scales definitely get a tape measure out as another incentive!

    pretty much what everyone else has said! Since using mfp and understanding these things i have lost 1 1/2 stone in 4 months. stick with it and i'm sure you'll start to see results soon! x
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    still not lost any weight after a week of tracking everything I'm eating...admittedly have not done any exercise though, been working late every night image

    am truing not to get disheartened (despite tomorrow being 6 months exactly to W day), am gonna start 30 day shred tonight and measured myself last night, so can see if I'm losing inches rather than weight

    Oh what a drain all this is! Wish i could be one of those women who was effortlessly confident whatever their size and looked beautiful for it! I've seen girls much bigger than me look amazing, but I know I'd shuffle down the aisle, head down, hating the photos if I stay at this weight... image

    ps tesco not bloody helping, bought a pack of grapes this morning for snacks at work - bloody snail in it!! don't need the extra protein haha!! image
  • I used to have this exact problem. The thing was that I thought I was eating well, when actually I wasn't. There were things I was eating a lot of that I didn't think were that bad because they were nutritious - for example, olive oil, nuts, etc. I didn't have many obvious bad things, like sweets and chips, so I just didn't understand why I wasn't losing anything. Then I joined Slimming World last year and it really was an education. I ended up losing 2 stone. It might be a good idea to join something like that, I'd really recommend it. It will show you where you are going wrong. Also, I'd recommend stopping drinking alcohol completely - the calorie content is just extraordinary, and it leads to bad eating when drunk! Kebab, anyone...?
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    I joined weight watchers early Jan and go to the gym three times (occasionally more) a week. So far I have lost 16 lbs, I have about the same to go to get me down to a size 10.

    As another poster said, resistance training is important as well as cardio. So picking a weight that you can just manage 15 or 16 reps, and do it three times. And the interval training on the running machine has worked for me, 2 mins walking a fair speed on an incline, then running fast for two, and repeat three more times then end on the walk.

    I had never done a structured diet before and have found weight watchers easy to follow and I don't feel hungry, have even had the odd bottle of wine! I just have to make sure I am organised with my packed lunch for work and eat something even if its just a carrot, every few hours.

    Good luck xxx
  • Oh March2012Bride I didn't know you could get in on blackberry! is it from the app world? I tend to put all my food on it first before I eat it that way I can work out whether I can afford a cheeky bag of crisps! Hope your excited for your wedding and all is sorted I've got 6 weeks to go get married on the 21st April
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