Weight Issues! And upcoming dress fitting.

Right... I joined the gym in October when wedding planning started, and went religiously until Christmas 3 times a week, but I have to be honest and say that I haven't been too good since then.

The scales say my weight hasn't changed at all from October until now, so it seems going to the gym/ not bothering has made no difference.

Weight aside, I've read a lot that measurements mean more, which sadly I can't apply retrospectively but I've decided that from Monday I'll be hitting the gym 3 times a week, and taking regular measurements.

I'm getting a cross trainer tomorrow too, so this should be an incentive to do some cardio!

Basically, my major worry is that even though my weight doesn't seem to have changed, my shape definitely has... I got my underwear for the day today, in the size bigger than usual, and it's too small!

I'm now terrified that I'm not going to fit into my dress at my first fitting on Monday, and it'll just be devastating!

I joined My Fitness Pal a few days ago, and so far when I feel like I've eaten well, it tells me I'm eating too little. Then when I allow myself a LITTLE treat, I end up going over it's recommended amounts.

So rant over...

Any advice on what to eat/ exercises that will help shift the weight fast would be appreciated! I really want to lose at least a stone, and one or two dress sizes by August!!



  • Didn't want to read and run, so will just say try and stick at it - I haven't, and my dress doesn't do up and I have my dress fitting in a week image You've done really well so far, and you have a while to go yet!

    Don't forget that there isn't standard sizing on underwear/clothing in the UK so it could just be the shop! It's more how it fits than the number on the label.

    Don't panic - even if you can't, seamstresses can do amazing things, there will always be a solution image

    Good luck!
  • You can only try your best. Stay away from carbs, and cardio will be good for you. Seamstresses are amazing though, so i'm sure you'll be fine! image
  • I have just signed up to my fitness pal, it's quite a handy app and can scan most barcodes on foods to find out all calorie info. I still have over a year to go till my wedding but hoping if I start now I will defo be ready to try on dresses image

    I have had a couple of personal training sessions and was a good insite to loosing weight etc. always make sure you eat breakfast preferably wholewheat toast, bannana or egg also grapefruit is supposed to be a weight loss helper. You need to eat slow realising carbs to stop you feeling hungry for longer, these are jacket potatos, wholewheat pasta or rice. Fish or chicken with salad or veg is a very low carb meal. I have been trying to eat more for lunch to stop me picking at food when I get home so I'm not starving and eat less. Hope that helped.

    Best weight loss excercises are ones the increase and decrease your heart rate constantly. Try running for 5/10 mins then walk or 5 and do this on repeat. Also using weights for lunges and squats to tighten up the butt cheeks/ thighs, do 30 seconds of cardio Inbetween reps to keep your heat rate up, using a step or even running on the spot will help, you need to feel warn out drained! don't stop till you really can't do any more this is where you will burn the most fat!!

  • I'm doing Weight Watchers (not going to the classes just counting points) alongside 3 classes a week of Zumba. At home I'm also doing a couple of daily exercises (morning and night sit ups etc).

    I've been doing the Zumba for a while but since I started the diet 2 weeks ago, I've lost 5 pounds. I would like to lose another 10 pounds before my hen do at the end of April as this is also when they want me in for a dress fitting. Feeling very optimistic at the moment! Will then have 6 weeks to maintain my weight until the Wedding?!

    I also bought one of those sweat/sauna belt things that you wear during exercise to help you sweat more and lose inches on your tummy. I think its working?!

    I would recommend all in one control underwear to suck everything in?! Thats what I'm hoping to get but haven't bought anything yet.

    Good Luck!!! xxx
  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609
    Thank you for advice ladies.

    MrsJohnson87 - I could do with one of those belts, my stomach is a problem area. Just can't afford one so it'll have to just be extra sit ups I think!

    charlotte0806 - I'll try bursts of exercise on the cross trainer, I was going to just go steady, so I'm glad of this advice!

    I don't eat a real lot of carbs anyway, but those that I do are probably the wrong ones! So I'll switch to wholewheat where possible.

    I'll see how this works out image
  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    get yourself to slimming world youll drop the weight in time trust me - you eat and eat and lose weight!
  • CorieLeigh - Mines just a basic one, its like thin pink pvc! I got it from ebay for £2.99 x
  • Gabi_luGabi_lu Posts: 284
    it's important you eat enough calories, if you don't your metabolism slows down and your body goes into starvation mode and storing everything, therefore you will get bigger.

    Remember that it is important to do Cardio and weight/resistant training when working out.

    Why don't you try 30 day shred, lots of people on here recommend it and I've bought it for days i'm too busy to go to the gym as they're only 20minute work outs.
  • TashaTasha Posts: 30
    Hi I agree with the comments on her and would also suggest the weight training.

    I never thought it would help but have noticed the benefits.

    I'm sure you'll loose what you need to and if you feel yourself not loosing remember that muscle weighs more than fat. If you really think you have plateued then change your excercise routine.

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