Zumba and eating well

Hey everyone,

I've started a new way of eating which helped me shed weight last year and thought I'd share it with you all.

I have a PT and following his instructions I lost 1 stone in 6 weeks. This was done through pure determination and perserverance.

Now I know this sounds excessive but I trained 6 times a week in the gym. Doing cardio and weights. Weights is something I have always struggled with but with encouragement from my PT I am now happy to use them and can actually do proper push-ups ! image

Food wise, I was on Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free for the six weeks and my god I felt much better. I had cravings and only when the craving got toof much did I give in. I did allow myself one day a week of not having such a strict diet but found myself after a while not craving sweets, crisps, bread, cheese and sweets.

This is was what took determination but my skin looked better and people were commenting on how toned I looked.

I know this routine is not for everyone as committing to 6 times a week at the gym is a lot, but if i can do it anyone can !!

Now I am doing something similar but doing the classes which I enjoy such as Zumba and mixing it up with yoga.

Oh and if you do get cravings following a gluten, wheat and dairy free diet, there are still treates you can give yourself.

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