Contour body wrap

has anyone ever had one? Do they really work? It's says they help firm your skin, reduce the look of cellulite and can help inch loss, can that be true?


  • They are fabulous for a quick result!

    Im a size 8/10 and lost 8inch both times I've been.

    They measure ur arms/tummy/bum/thighs&calves. They wrap you in these clay soaked bandages, pop you in a sweat suit and you sit&chill for an 1hr ish. Then they unwrap you and re-measure.

    I felt fab after: a quick fix inch loss and I had soft supple skin. I had it done on fri night for a relatives wedding on saturday. By sunday Id probably bloated back up to my normal self but I didnt care I felt good at the wedding.

    Hope this helps?!
  • Wow 8 inches, that's crazy! I'm thinking having one done just before the wedding if I can spare the money. Sounds like it's worth it!
  • I paid £35.

    If you are planning on being fake tanned this isnt a good idea for your wedding as the clay draws toxins and water out of your body therefore you may end up streaky!!

  • The 8" were accumalative not off each body part, hope I didnt mislead you. The bits i call my flabby/wobbly bits were the biggest areas of inch loss Xx
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    I had one done and they are really good. It's nice to relax I would suggest a day before perhaps in prep for the big day. They won't make you lose weight but they get rid of water bloating and toxins-making you feel cleaner and healthier. Apparantely if you go to the gym after it can help prolong the effects. I lost a few inches around my tummy and 2 to 4 on each thigh. about half an inch on each arm. Was a good experience image I'd say if you have the money go for it.
  • I was plannng of having a spray tan so may need to work around that. Don't worry autum bride I thought it may be accumulative although 8 inches of my hips would be lovely! It's about £55 in my local salon, sounds like you got a bargain, maybe I'll shop around and see if I can get it cheaper.
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