10 weeks til my first fitting...

Hi ladies,

I have 10 weeks until my first fitting for my dress. The wedding is in 20 weeks!

I need to lose about a stone- it has slowly creeped on and I need rid!

Has anyone got any advice on how I can lose it? I'm working 60+ hours a week so am finding that I'm far too tired to do any real exercise. I've been on my exercise bike a few times but don't have the energy for it at all. Between working and planning I have no spare time. It's starting to stress me out.


  • his-smudgehis-smudge Posts: 282
    The only thing I have found that works for me is slimming world, if you want to lose a stone that quickly i woudl suggest sticking to it 100% and trying not to use any of your syns. Join the meetings too, getting weighed every week will make sure you stick to it - it tend to have the attitude of 'i can let myself off this week, if i dont go to the meeting whose goign to know!?' I am going to order my dress on saturday so am trying to have that last little push this week! good luck! xx
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