Laser lipo !!! Teeth whitening & massage prepared me !!!

Hello, wanted to share with you all this brilliant new treatment I came across, up the road from me. I was searching for ways to lose weight fast for my big day..I found laser lipo ! Knew nothing about it as its new, non evasive & I'm not kidding, I lost 4cm of my stomach (2 kids lol) every time I went !!!

Its recommended that you have 8 sessions per area & I dropped 2 dress sizes in a month !! I was already watching what I ate for the day & I hop on the treadmill every other day, but 2 dress sizes in a month ??!!!

Had to tell you ! It's brilliant !! Same as liposuction but cheaper & non invasive !!! I'm going dank for some more !!

I actually had they're wedding package (as a treat from my hubby to be image) laser lipo, teeth whitening & a hot stone massage - the week before ) brilliant & highly recommend them.

& the hot stone massage was unbelievable !

I've been other places for treatments but they were very friendly & professional. They are in west bromwich, west midlands & are called zen health clinic.

Mention me if you go ! I may get a discount next time !?? Lol imageimage


  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I had 3 20 minute sessions of laser lipo which I bought off groupon, I had all 3 in one week and I lost 4 inches from my stomach. I didn't actually lose anymore weight than I had been from following a diet but the inch loss was fab.

    I am not particularly big, I am 5 ft 4 and 11st 3 and I noticed a massive difference!!!
  • becks38becks38 Posts: 63
    Hi both,

    Was so pleased when I read this as I too have brought the 6 sessions of laserlipo from groupon. I am getting married abroad and leave the end of May. When would you recommend having the treatment. Does it last once you've had it done? I go to the gym 5 times a week so that will hopefully help?!?


    Beck x
  • Oh cool - I've just booked this as well - just got all my sessions confirmed, so glad other people have had a good outcome!
  • becks38becks38 Posts: 63
    Communter girl- when have you booked your sessions for in relation to your dress fitting?

  • Yay! I've just booked some too! I'm doing mine in the two weeks before my dress fitting - twobessions per week and four sessions in total. Hope it works as well for me!! Does it last or will I need to book more? The big day is a couple of months away :-S xx
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