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Toning arms tips?

Hi ladies,

My wedding is a year away (to the day!) but I'd prefer to start looking at toning my body up now so that there's no panic dieting/starving in the run up to my big dayimage I'm currently using my fitness pal to track what I'm eating and have lost 9 pounds (over the past month or so) doing that without any exercise.

Now the weather is picking up I'll be starting to ride my bike, get out walking etc. I also have some weights at home and I'd absolutely love to have toned arms. Does anybody else have concerns over their arms any any tips for how I can tone them up?


  • am90am90 Posts: 54
    sorry didn't want to read and run, i have no tips to offer im afraid but will be watching this post like a hawk, i only have 6 months to go and am desperate for toned arms.

    hopefully someone will help us xx
  • hodgy-podgyhodgy-podgy Posts: 257
    I have bought a shake weight to tone my upper arms from tesco, it was about £13. You are supposed to use it everyday and the workout takes less than 10 minutes. I'll let you know how it goes unless I get very bored and give up in which case you'll find me on the fashion section asking shrugs and bolero's!
  • The Tracy Anderson mat work out is killer on arms, you just waggle them a lot but it works, also try having some hand weights by the T.V, and apparently tricep dips (you tube it) are great too

    hope this helps i've got less than six months to go and im frantically trying all of these at the moment, only been at it a week so no great changes to report but fingers crosses

  • You have three sets of muscles in your amrs, biceps and two sets of triceps.

    For biceps its simply free weights / dumbells. Nowadays i have seen tesco / asda sell them. When i first started i was doing 20 reps and 4 sets. That means do it for twenty, have a 35sec rest then start again, four times.

    Stand when doing it and do one arm at a time.Standing will also benefit your core. Hold your elbows close in at the waist, and life the weight steadily up to almost your shoulder. (If you dont have dumbells, use tins of beans etc but you need to gradually increase your weight as time goes past)

    Triceps (bingo wings)

    Dips, same again 20 reps 4 sets

    Sit at the edge of a chair etc, hands next to or slightly under hips.Bend your elbows and lower your hips down keep them close to the chair. Push back up and dont lock your elbows.


    Hold weight in your hand and bend forward till your torso is 45 degress. Bend your knees if you need. Bend your arms and hold, squeezing your triceps. Bring your arms back and repeat.

    Triangle pushups...Same as a pushup but hands under your chest with thumbs and forefingers touching like a triangle.

    If you do go to the gym, same again dumbells, use rope pulldown for triceps, one with with your palms up and another with your palms to the floor. There are loads of upper arm exercises but these are prob the easiest from home. Try do it every day you have time it wont take long!

    Hope that helps! image
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Ooh lots of replies already. I have some dumbells at home which I use (although not often enough I must admit) and I have started to see a small difference so I will definitely be trying some of the others things, youtube here I comeimage
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    i have been going to a 1 hour boxercise class a week, like with gloves and pads rather than the dvds where you jump up and down a lot and my bingo wings are becoming a thing of the past. its also really good fun!!!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    I could definitely go for boxer code after some of the days I have at work! I'd be worried that my fitness level wasn't high enough to keep up though!
  • ManthaHManthaH Posts: 269
    Just did the tricep dips for the first time - they will definitely work. My arms ache now, which is good as it means there are muscles in there at leastimage
  • Hi

    I also have the Tracey Anderson mat workout, it has 2 arm workouts, one using light weights and one without. I've been doing it for a few months now and have noticed a difference. I dont think you'll build big muscles but it helps tone and i've noticed i don't have 'bingo wings' anymore. I've also been swimming which has helped too. As long as you keep your exercises up you have plenty of time to get great looking arms.Good luck!
  • i have been doing self defence for the past 9 months which involves a lot of pad work (boxing etc) dress doesnt fit my back as its turned into pure muscle!!!!total nightmare!! now im just doing cardio and windsor pilates....hoping this will help...if not im loggin onto groupon to see if they do rib removal!! this space!!
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