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Weight loss buddy for August wedding!!

hiya brides! i started my slim down for my august wedding and i think i need a diet buddy to keep me going! so whether you wedding is next year, or around the time of mine, i would love to hear from u!

vicky x


  • ellis2020ellis2020 Posts: 11

    Im getting married in August too! So far I have lost 9 1/2 lbs on slimming world. How is your diet going? I would reccommend slimming world if you havent tried it - its not like a diet more of a healthy eating plan.

    Happy to be a diet buddy - I could do with a push to keep me on track x image
  • Hi Vicky,

    When is your wedding? Mine is August 28th!! 115 days today. I've lost 2 stone 10 lbs so far and ideally would want to lose another 2 stone 7lbs. I'm just watching what I eat and going to the gym as often as I can!
  • Hi!

    I'm August 11th 2012.I joined Slimming world in January and so far I've lost 12 pounds, not amazing but I'm 9 pounds away from my club10 10% weightloss.

    I had 5weeks off it when my mum was Ill and recently went back for my 12week countdown image I actually only gained 2.5 pounds in the 5weeks which I was happy a out. Hoping to shit about 5pounds before my first fitting next month!!!

    Xx image
  • lornaodglornaodg Posts: 342
    hello ladies!

    our wedding is the 18th August, exactly 100 days to go imageimageimage

    I just joined slimming world yesterday and hoping to lose at least 1 stone, which averages at 1 lb a week which i think is pretty acheivable as long as i stick to it! lol

    I'd also like a bit of thinspiration and think this buddying thing is a good idea! we can all check in each week and track eachother progress. Good luck ladies! image
  • 3 stone now!! I've got just over 14 weeks to go, so am hoping that I can average about 2lbs a week. I'd love to lose a bit more, but trying to be realistic.
  • ajfitchajfitch Posts: 163
    im also getting married on the 18th augast and is finding losing weight really hard as my wedding planning has been stress after stress so all i wanna do is eat. any advice people i so need some help. sounds like slimming world is the one to do.
  • emmashillemmashill Posts: 2
    Is anyone here still losing weight for their wedding? I have lost 29lbs sinnce last march 11 of it with slimming world in the last 8 weeks. Had my hen on 6th which has sent me off the rails a bit! How's everyone doing? X
  • Hi ladies, I joined slimming world in January for my wedding on 26th August, so far I have lost 1 stone 8 pounds, I had aimed to loose 3 stone but life got in the way! I'm hoping to loose another half a stone in the next 5 weeks if possible. 

  • Well if you wan to loose some weight, so avoid stress, anxiety, depression, because this may cause overeating.Drink five to six glasses of water every day.Take at least seven hours of sleep regualrly. Eat more, of whole foods natural product that have not been processed.Try to replace, high fat ingredients in the dishes instead of oil.


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