I want to invite Jillian Michaels to the wedding...

Evenin all,

A bold title for this thread but she's pretty ace in my book! I'm 5'2" and last sept I was at my heaviest at 9st 12- a little too chunky for my height, although I convinced myself it was a healthy weight... Until I checked a height/weight chart at school that the year 6's had been using for maths, and I was classed as 'overweight'.

So, with a wedding looming (this Aug), I got My fitness pal on my phone, set my daily intake target at 1250 cals, and started tracking food. I dropped to about 9st 5 by Christmas, and managed to stay that way until Jan. I then dropped to 9st 2 by March, just by tracking.

But then I plateaued... No matter how little I ate (My fitness pal was always telling me that I was eating too little), and for a good 6-8 weeks I was exactly the same weight image

That's where Jillian comes into the pic image started 30 day shred, mid April, just starred No More Trouble Zones ( kills me, want to give up within first 10 mins) and have FINALLY broken the 9st mark and have officially lost a stone since Sept image plus I can actually see abs on my tummy and my shoulders look much better to my (biased) eyes.

I still have just over 2 months to wedding, and I shall keep going- want to get to 8.5 st and stay there- and My fitness pal and good ol'Jill were my saviours. Has anyone tried Banish Fat Boist Metabolism? I'm tempted to try out more as I'm such a convert... But she sure does hurt me, that lady xx


  • kezzag1kezzag1 Posts: 13

    The lady is a legend lol!! I've just finished 30ds and have lost 3.5in off my bust, 2 off my waist and 2 off my hips but my weight hasn't changed. So have just started the banish fat program and I want to die image !! If you have sky they keep repeating ripped in 30 & killer buns & thighs which are also really good but painful and follow the same style as 30ds. Good luck x
  • Avo81Avo81 Posts: 55
    Oh yes! I forgot to mention the inches I've lost- I can get back in clothes that have been at the back of my wardrobe for a good few years image Will deffo be looking out for those on sky, I'd recommend her to anyone! Xx
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