Some sensible advice!

Looking for some sensible advice!

I hit my lowest weight ever this week and was over the moon. I've been at WW on and off for over a year now but with uni and health complications I've yo-yo'd but I'm back in the zone.

However, this week I was on annual leave, had my graduation and have gone a bit to pot with take aways. I'm not eating junk through the day, but we have family visiting and it just ended up one night after the other with Chinese, KFC and then pizza last night. I feel bloated and yuck and I know it's my own fault.

I weighed myself this morning and I've put on 5lb. I've never gained weight that quickly before, is it likely to be bloating and water retention or have I really gained 5lb in 4 days??

I know it's my own fault: I know the drill and I know what my sensible options would have been but I chose to ignore my subconscious and I'm suffering for it. I feel awful!


  • JacabeanJacabean Posts: 205
    Thanks image

    I'm adamant to get back on the wagon, starting with a run today.

    But... H2B just called to say his parents want to take us out for dinner this evening because his dad is going back to America tomorrow!

    Weight loss sabotage!!
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