Not losing weight - help!

Just hoping for a bit of advice/moral support - I've been going to a trainer at the gym twice a week for the past 5 weeks - really, really enjoying it(which i crazy for me!) - doing lots of circuits based stuff with weights and starting to actually feel toned and healthy - and at last measure I'd lost an inch round my bust and 2 inches around my tummy image
BUT in that time I've lost the grand sum of 2 pounds! I know it's more about the inches but I had a goal in mind of losing a stone before the wedding and that is fading fast - I just want to be in the healthy BMI range for my wedding day so I know technically on that day I am "normal" and not fat.
The trainer has been encouraging me to up the protein and cut the carbs, and cut potatoes/pasta/rice all together in the evening which I've been doing - I was eating pretty healthy before although probably eating too little in day and carbing it up at night - so my eating has changed quite a lot. Which is why I cant understand why I havent lost more!

People keep saying about muscle weighing more than fat but surely at some point I should start losing weight?!!!!! In the past when doing weightwatchers Ive lost weight really quickly when Ive been eating right - dont want to give up the gym/trainer as I'm enhjoying it so much but tempted to just to get the pounds shifting!


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    If youre training the chances are that you are putting on muscle weight, muscle is much heavier than fat.  I went through this phase, after i had lost about a stone and a half I wasnt shifting any more (I moved from borderline overweight to normal BMI) but I was still training and losing inchs.  Keep up doing the measurements because the chances are the same thing is happening to you.  Or take pictures from a few angles and then some more a couple of weeks later and I'll bet youre body shape has changed.

    Good luck! xx

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    Thanks - glad its not only me it's happened to! I can see and feel the changes in my body shape - just wish the number on the scales would reflect it too!

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    Nah the numbers on the scales won't change if you're training hard but you'll look amazing for it! I lost a stone eating healthy and now I have to get fit for a fitness test (job related) i've put 1kg back on in a month, but am not actually any bigger! Inches are what matter most image

  • It is one of the greatest myths that you gain lots of muscle weight - the hardest working bodybuiler (not using any performance enhancing drugs) can only expect to gain 10lb of muscle in a year.  The inches loss is excellent, but I also had this problem (admittedly I have a hell of a lot more to lose) and I have also joined Slimming World and have lost 8kg in 5 weeks. 

  • Keep Going!

    I didn't lose anything first two months and I thought it was because I havent got much to lose, then it just started working. I lost a few lbs every week for a few weeks, now I've stayed the same weight for 2weeks but admittedly I'm not dieting so I reckon if I started to diet as well as the excercise I would lose more.

    Just stick at it hun, everyones body is different!

  • I feel the same been going to gym and not seeing the results as well as going to weight watchers...It is so frustrating but I am going to try and stick at it! Good luck xxx

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    I got a bit discouraged with doing Jillian Micheals every day and not seeing a chnage on the scale OR the inches in 3 weeks. I decided to start calorie counting to actually keep in check what I am consuming. I am so bad at counting things and it usually ends in disaster but I wanted to try it for just a couple of weeks to see if it affected anything! You are losing inches and that is great! Maybe take a look at how much of everything you are eating?

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    This might sound a bit crazy, but up your calorie intake slightly. If you're exercising hard your body might be slipped into starvation mode where it stores everything as it doesn't know when it will get fed again! Are you eating a varied diet? Your body gets used to the same food, so variation is key.

    Also, you might be working out too hard! There are two zones: fat burning and cardio. You want to make sure you're in fat burning for the majority of your work out thus burning fat and of course calories!

    Hope that helps, you're doing great! xx

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