Going it alone

Hey you lovely lot! I'm new to this site as I'm very new to being engaged image

Like most women, I've decided to de-wobble for the big day, but can't afford to joina  slimming club or anything. So I'm using the My Fitness Pal app on my android, and calorie counting and exercising a tiny bit more. Anyone else found the app helped?

I'm trying to cut out my bad snacks and fill up on water and better food, but am ignoring weekends and booze in my calorie counting otherwise I'd go madimage Heh. Been engaged a month now, and getting married in Spring. In 28 days I've lost 6lb and my BMI's dropped by 1.1 points, so I'm chuffed with that progress, nuce and slow and steady - no crash dieting for me! Buuuut I could definitely do with some help regarding lowfat and filling lunches. Any ideas/stories that people can share??

Look forward to rocking this journey with you lot image x


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    im still trying to loose the last bit of weight before my big day! I think ive done reasonabley well (lost 5 stone) but then kinda gave up and need to be really good for the next few weeks lol

    if it helps i eat alot of salad and i make quite big salads made with just lettice cucumber onion carrot sweetcorn and either chicken or ham without any dressings (occasionally some low fat salad cream)

    then for tea meat and plenty of veg (gravey if i fancy it)

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    Omg love that's amazing, you should feel very proud of yourself!!! image That's so good, well done. Fingers crossed I do as well as you then! How long has that taken you, if you don't mind me asking? Been engaged (and trying to be good) for almost a month now, aiming for a Spring wedding image

  • MrsFinch2012MrsFinch2012 Posts: 469

    thank you

    it took me around a year to loose the 5 stone,  i went from a size 18 to a size 12 then i gave up for 6 months (only put on a few pounds)  but wish i had stuck at it as i would ideally like to have lost another stone. i am back on behaving now and have done for two weeks but just cant seem to get motivated enough lol

    i did try myfitness pall but became completely obssesed with calorie counting so deleted it lol. I ordered my dress far too small and it now fits image only downside is i seem to have huge upper arms that look silly with my dress being strapless so i recently joined the gym to try and tone them up, i really want to loose the last stone before my wedding but with only like 8 weeks till we fly out to cyprus its not looking promising.

    Im sure you will do fine, from what i can see of your profile pic you dont have loads to loose. best advise i can give is if you have a naughty day dont wait till the next week to be good again, get streight back to being good. i found if i had a naughty day i would end up with a naughty week lol

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