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HELP - Why am I struggling??

Okay, so its now 307 days till my wedding and I went for my second dress fitting on Saturday.  I'm not the smallest of girls - never have been - so I went to a dress designer to get exactly what I wanted.  I love it - I tried the first toile on Saturday and it already looks brilliant.

However, planning a wedding is having the exact opposite affect on me - I seem to be gaining weight!  I'm useless, I try to diet, something happens and I give in!  My fiance loves me for me and I know that but I want to feel good on my wedding day.  I won't ever be a size 10 or a 14 for that matter but I really don't feel ilke an elephant!   At this point, that should be all the motivation I need - but it isn't.  I feel like I'm trapped in a vicious circle, I say today is the day, start dieting and then something will happen (either I give in or we go out!), at that point I beat myself up for failing which only makes me cheat all the more (yes - I know thats the ridiculous!).

I'm going back to Weightwatchers tonight to (hopefully) make a fresh start but it would be nice to know that I'm not the only one out there!!  image





  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I know how you feel!

    I am now down to 117 days and I have a stone to lose, I have tried WW and SW and I am going to the gym 3 x a week but I cant shift this weight and I desperately want to!

    Good luck with WW but just so you know you're not the only one out there!

  • Lucas2704Lucas2704 Posts: 100

    Im really disheartened too... ive took up jogging 2-3 weeks - really push myself and improving every time, dont particulary eat unhealthily (anymore!) but cant even shift a lb  image what am i doing wrong?! wahhhhhhh x

  • racheltusracheltus Posts: 500

    I can totally relate too, I previously have done weight watchers and it worked for me I lost 3 stone and got to I have gained 11.5lbs and am trying to lose through slimming world, have been doing it about 6 weeks and managed to lose 4.5lbs but last week out of no where I gained 1.5lbs and I really cant understand why and I know people say you must be doing something or lying to myself but genuinely have been very good. I came off the pill a while a go and my periods are up and down...I haven't had one for nearly 2 months now and am wondering if this could be affecting my weight loss? Good look and I am sure on they day you will look beautiful no matter what image

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    I'm the same. I have just over a stone and half to lose and I just don't have enough determination. I have put off dress shopping so I could lose more weight and even with my 1st appiontment on friday  I still can't seem to be good.image 


  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244
    Not the healthiest thing to do long term but I followed

    Atkins strictly and lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. I only wanted to lose half a stone anyway so it worked a treat.

    My sister has lost 2 stone since end of april on WW. Only prob with Atkins is that when you start carbs again the weight will go back on but that's if you do quick fix like I did, follow it properly and it works!
  • WelshJenWelshJen Posts: 47

    Stop looking at the scales girls! If you are exercising just worry about the inches! In fact-ditch the scales they are just a head ache!! xx

  • LouLa-BelleLouLa-Belle Posts: 196
    I can relate, I have PCOS and an underactive thyroid so I really struggle and if one more person says the h2b loves me the way I am I might have to turn bridezilla!

    I've found this doctor who does research in carbs and the effect on diabetes and PCOS, it's hard but I'm feeling better in week 2 and I lost 7lb first week. The drs name is Dr John Briffa if anyone wants to do some googling xx
  • Different things work for different people.  The point is you've recognised it.  I hit the gym 4 times a week and was using my fitness pal to count calories religiously and lost 2lb in 3 months!  So I joined SW and Have lost 22lb in 8 weeks, and I had 2 weeks of 1lb gains (I'm a shift worker and even if I'm really good I don't lose when on nights as I get horrendously bloated).  SW works for me, I like the option of eating whenever I want, but I admit after following it strictly for these 8 weeks I have now lost the need to snack between meals as I think my insulin levels have finally stabilized! 

    Just try to find something that works for you and stick with it.  The biggest fight is with your head.

  • I've tried SW and WW and both have worked inthe past, but they werent really working for me this time so I went for a course of hypnotherapy and so far so good!  There was a lot in there about overeating and emotional eating (thats me through and through!) so he set me tasks like chewing everything 20 times, making sure that I always leave some food on the plate (better to waste the food in the bin rather than your stomach!)  which I struggled with to begin with (I hate wasting food and I love to eat!)  I've also started running again, and swimming more and have lost 1 stone 2lb in the last 2 months.  (Had the hypno approx 2 months ago) I need to lose another 3 stones but I am relieved that it has started moving in the right direction because I was starting to feel really stressed and despairing as to why nothing was working.... worth a go?!


  • If I need help with the final push or it grinds to a halt again I will be joining lighter life for the quick fix get in the dress option!!

  • Lizard83Lizard83 Posts: 189

    Hey girls

    I'm a sports coach and have a bit of spare time due to it being the summer holidays! Luckily I'm getting married abroad so my wedding is all sorted.

    I'm currently writing individuals diet plans covering an 8 week period with just the foods you like on it!  I send you an email with a questionnaire and your goals etc on it and make a plan totally suited to you.

    I've just written a plan for a doctor who is currently observing eid, and is a really fussy eater and has fused discs in her back, so happy to take on any cases.

    I will also be texting/emailing you every day to keep you motivated and to answer any questions, queries and frustrations you may have.

    Price £50. Places are limited so I can offer the best possible service.

    Liz xx

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