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Slim Fast anyone?

Hello all, 


I know its possibly worse one you can do due to soon as you eat normal you pile on the weight again. I have tried sw and had no joy wat so eva! I went gym 3 times a week too! So thought even if i do this till xmas try boost my weight loss it may help kick start me! I don't want b a fat bride and my worse fear is trying dresses on that will make me look massive! 


Anyone else on slim fast? x x


  • I need get rid of 15 kg until my wedding in October 2013 image

  • How you doing it? I am on my first day today seems to be going well although i cant see myself doing it for like 18 mths hahaha x x

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    Right I wrote this yesterday but the electricity was shut off and I had to go to work haha so will post now image

    I'm doing it for 2 weeks just to try and shift a little bit before I'm dress buying Saturday! i've been mixing it up with Tesco Ultraslim (its nearly the same just a bit cheaper) and eating a salad with lean meat and a little carbs for dinner. I think stopping it is no worse than stopping other diets its only bad because it doesnt teach you good eating habits. If you start eating loads of junk food you're going to gain weight no matter what the diet was you were on! I havnt found it that bad but it really helps if you don't eat dinner very late. I work odd shifts and most of the time get home at 10pm. I had been eating with my partner when I got in so did it a couple of times on Slim Fast but my god I was hungry trying to stretch out my meal shakes and bars and snacks all the way from morning to 10pm dinner. So had to give up and now eat dinner around 5-6pm which is much better in terms of weight loss too giving me more time to burn it off, poor OH has to fend for himself now!

    Also, its on 3 for 2 at boots at the moment so stock up!!

  • Omg really? Im getting to boots tomoz now! Yeh i know i work shifts too and this is where i fail on all diet fronts. Free mc d's or take away its so hard to say no too! haha but i am gonna buy some weight watchers meals to eat for tea at work or take a jacket with beans or something. 

    Awh how exciting u trying dresses on sat? do you know what it is your after? How u getting on with the drinking diet? ha x x

  • I am a really unhealthy eater and I did slim fast for a couple of weeks (used those ultra slim too) and lost 10lbs and kept it off for a year image!! I think it all depends on the person. Everyone told me not to do it because they said I would pile it back on but if you carry on trying to eat healthy after I think it works. I have gone back to takeaways all the time as I am always home late and can't be bothered cooking so need to sort it out for my wedding as I would ideally want to loose about half a stone just to feel a bit more confident!
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    10lbs in a couple of weeks! Very impressive! I think I have slimmed a little but it's hard to tell without weighing scales. I'm not feeling too bad though.

    Shelly it's not too bad actually image this evening I surprised myself I had 2 snacks, meal bar breakfast and shake lunch, and for dinner I had 4 bits of sushi and miso soup and I was too full to eat my pot of edemame beans! I'm still full 3 hours later and I havnt had my 3rd snack! And I am not known for a small appetite haha but didn't think it was possible to shrink my stomach that quick?! I've heard of people shrinking their stomaches to the point where they can't manage a whole shake in one go. I can't see that happening to me just yet...!

    Yes dress buying sat is very exciting! I know I like a few in the shop it's a case of deciding which image but I bought a ??30 dress online to wear out with the girls in the evening and I keep thinking about how much I love that dress and really really hope it arrives in time. Then I think for gods sake yoi're being more excited for the ??30 dress than your wedding dress haha! More nervous about what I'll look in it I think and praying I love one!!!
  • WOW that is impressive like loosing that amount in such a short space of time! I'm so bloody jel hahaha! I hope my tummy shrinks, but no i completly understand. Its my best friends wedding next year and im cheif bridesmaid n were all going to Spain on the hen do. I have constant message on fb on how i should b at the gym and stuff but im not even a member anymore as i really cant afford it this month just come back from our holiday so i shall join next mth! Slim fast + gym i'm bound lose something! 

    Awh ive been looking at dresses its so daft coz im no way going picking one for a year but i think i know what i want, ive found 3 i love! They r all same ish so i defo know what style im into! Just dif when u go try them on, and i went with my best friend mths ago and i was the bossy bridesmaid going, 'put a veil on' defo dont think the other two bridesmaids appreciated this. Nor did they even like 'the dress' she went for which is stunning like! 

    I've just been the range too and omg this is so sad i know how i want my invites and they have heart clay on so ive got some clay and heart cutter so im gonna have a bash  this afternoon. OMG i could so get use to staying at home all the time, these days they owe me are fab got another 3 go till im back to face my work mates with my happy news so excited! image x x x

  • I think I lost weight so quickly when i did slim fast because you go down to having like 1200 calories a day and usually I eat like a massive pig!! Like sometimes having macdonalds for dinner then KFC for tea image so my body didn't know what had hit it.My H2B says I should be the size of a house with all I eat (I am now a size 10 was an 8 after slim fast) I also drank loads and loads of water which i never usually do i am always drinking coke and i read somewhere that drinking loads of water helps flush your body out and can help you loose an extra 4lbs when dieting!! 

    Aww dress shopping for yourself is amazing!!! The day i got engaged I was googling dresses haha and that was 2 years in advance of our wedding its never too soon to have a lookimage!

    Making stuff for your wedding is so exciting!!! Post a pic of your invites when they are done can't wait to see image I have just done mine and thought they looked a bit naff but posted them on here and got some lovely comments so feeling a bit happier now! 

  • i am starting on slimfast next monday, i am back at the gym after being lazy for a about 4 months!!.. so going gym 4 times a week and on slim fast. i am currently a size ten bu would like to drop a dress size down to an 8 for the wedding next year., aiming to be 9 and a half stone.  So i have 8 months to loose a stone which i think should be easy enough.. just as you say its the keeping it off thats the problem! xx xx

    Good luck ! xxx

  • Mrsh2be13 awh could i see ur invites! Awh i will do i have just finished playing with clay to make hearts its not gone way i thought it would but i shall keep trying. Awh i know i eat so much u know its not normal. My bf (omg cant get use to fact hes not anymore) my fiance is there slang on ere for husband to be? is it htb? I'm rubbish at slang! 

    Awh least im not the only one who google's weddings one week into being engaged! ha its so exciting! 

    Good luck SantoriniBride2b keep me posted how u get on, i've got wait till Tue to weigh in see if ive done ok on my first week. I went Asda before they have 2 for £9 on at min image x x x

  • wow lost 4lbs this week x x

  • wow well done Shellystar keep up the hard work image 

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    well done!!! I wasn't going to carry on after my dress buying saturday but it worked so well in those 2 weeks and actually shrunk my stomach so when I was being naughty over the weekend I couldn't eat as much as I normally would. So I'm back on it again image Did an online order haha and got loaaads from Boots whilst its on 3 4 1 so have to carry on with it now!!

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