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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has given xls medical a go? A while ago my Dr said I had obviously tried to loose weight using diet and exercise but was struggling and he thought he could prescribe something to help but he wanted to clear up a current issue first. He then left the surgery and the new doctors havn't said anything, and I don't really like to bring it up. With my wedding in a year I know I won't be a size 10 but a size 16 would be nice (as opposed to 26 at the moment) I want to use the wedding as motivation to be healthier - not just to look good on the day. Anyway, I have ordered a month's supply at almost half price from Amazon having read good reviews in various places, so we'll see if it works!


  • I've ordered some of this too, how did you get on ? image
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    i saw an advert for it the other day, isnt it a fat combiner? how does that work? what does it do? id always use with caution and get as much advice as you can. im not saything this in a nasty way but at a size 26 the gp should be helping in the best ways to get you down as obesity is their big buzz word/health drive thing at the moment. id ask, say you started to talk to your old doctor about it and ak what their thoughts are

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