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Bingo Wings

Last resort = cover them up!

But I would rather get rid!! Has anyone got any good tips?



  • Hi Tracy Anderson method DVDs are amazing for toning her mat method DVD has a brill arm section it is agony but really works xx
  • annacwcannacwc Posts: 803
    I did the 30 day shred. I didn't lose any weight but could feel my body starting to tone. Am going to start the 30ds again on monday. We put it on the interactive whiteboard in one of the classrooms after the children go home!

    Thanks for the tip about tracy a. Will have a look into that.
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    other people noticed my arms toning, bingo wings still there but perhaps not so much) from the first section of the 30 day shred, i think it was the ones where youve got your knees bent, arse stuck out and arepulling the weights up from infront of you. the other option when it comes to photos is making sure your arms are never ridgily glued to your sides, thats when my arms look their biggest are the fat is being squashed out


    love the idea of you all doing the shred together on the big screen

  • Tracy Anderson mat DVD is on YouTube so you can try it on there, it doesn't look like much sticking your arms out to the side lol but after a few minutes it kills. I did the full DVD and noticed a difference everywhere within a couple of days, but hey say after 10 days take measurements and you should see a big difference xx
  • Well, I have bought a shakeweight..... my son says I look like some kind of porn actress when using it (not in a good way) and my daughter is using it too.  The worksout on the dvd lasts for about 6 or 8 mins and although I have only been doing it for four days i can feel a difference - well my arms are killing me, let's say, can't see any toning yet.  I think the problem is that it may be toning the muscle, but the muscles are under wads of flab!

    I am going to stick with it though - it doesn't promise instant results and it is only for 8 mins a day - but it gets you out of breath!  It's getting the technique right that takes time at first.

    the picture shows what it looks like - and why a teenage son may think there is something porn-y about it!



  • Well I've bit the bullet & joined a gym went for my induction yesterday & they have personalised a workout plan for me so I'm determined to get in there at least 3 times a week.  I stated my wings as one of my target areas & the machine they put me on really killed my muscles but as they say no pain no gain image

  • Hi

    Press ups, walking press ups and tricep dips are the best exercises to do to try and target bingo wings. You do need to mix it up with cardio though, as you can't magically tone one particular area (unfortunately). Cardio helps shift fat from all over your body.



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