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Well i wanted to know, does anyone have any experience with weight loss shakes?
or slimming shakes? Because after three months i am getting married and i want to loose some weight. I work funny hours, and i have some friends who also work with me that have used shakes and lost a lot.Do you, have any experience with them? So please share here.

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  • Naomi1984Naomi1984 Posts: 142

    I would have a look at the cambridge weight plan, thats uses shakes. Its pretty hardcore though so not for the faints hearted but good if you want to lose quite a lot in a short period of time...

  • Naomi1984Naomi1984 Posts: 142
    It does work, but you have to stick to it to the letter and its pretty tough
  • I do Cambridge! People say its bad for you but if you actually look into it, its not! Each shake has 33% rda of all vits and mins you need. I won't lie its really hard but it does work if you stick at it, I've lost 2.5 stone (another 1 to go)!

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