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Well I have just been weighed.... Been doing weightwatchers on and off since jan and I have lost........ 1lb!! FFs!! Desperate time!! Someone stitch my gob up!!! Xxxx


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    Hannahs23481 I feel your frustration. Have you bought your dress yet and when is your wedding? I have been trying to lose weight since last year for my wedding in December and nothing was happening just like you. January this year I managed to weigh in at the heaviest I have ever been in my life! Then I found my dress which I bought 2 sizes small as I got a fab deal a few weeks ago. Since then I try it on EVERY WEEK religiously and went on a diet. Surprisingly the weight is just falling off and I am now wearing a dress size smaller. All I have done is reduce my portion sizes, stopped snacking, I've learnt to say NO image, I have cereal (Special K) with semi skimmed milk at work for lunch and soup/ salad for dinner. My only issue is that I am still drinking way too much. Tonight was too lazy to cook so bought a chicken pitta from Nandos and having a glass of prosecco. Last Fri had went out for dinner for a friend's birthday and even had fries but made sure Sat and Sun was cereal for lunch and salad for dinner. It sounds difficult and I can't beleive how easy I am finding it now. But I know for sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I have my dress at home with me. If I continue and even try to avoid alcohol, I will be at my ideal weight, not just for the wedding but for my health. So please don't give up, it is the small changes that will turn into habit! I am cheering you on and know you can do it. I find simply things like trying on clothes too small for me has helped alot every week. Good luck and just know it is a mental thing. xx

  • It's been coming off....then going back on....and off....and on and so on lol. Eleven weeks to go till the wedding my dress is in the shop, have a proper fitting in two weeks I hope it still fits! Well done on your weight loss xxx
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    Thanks hon and same to you. Don't worry I was the same before getting the dress. You'll do it image

  • Hi

    This is a key mistake I've found lots of B2Bs not count only works in the short-term. The best diet to do is the Harcombe diet. It can be tough, but it shifts weight fast and keeps it off in the long-term. You can eat chocolate, strawberries and cream and cheese on it, so you're not missing out too much!

    I specialise in fitness and life coaching and have set myself a mission of helping 1000 B2Bs achieve their perfect wedding dress size. I held a free teleseminar this week to let B2Bs know the 3 mistakes they make when they're trying to lose weight. If you want to listen to the replay - - it's up until 13 October. 

    I hope it helps.


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    I know exactly how you feel. I'm yo yoing the same as you. I know once I sort myself out and get past my current weight that I'll be able to lose the rest quite easily but getting my head in gear is hard. My sister joined ww the same time as me and has lost 4st I lost 17lbs and still have 1st and a half to go
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    Argh, don't. I need to loose about 9st. Hurts to even say it. I've tried everything, never manage more than a stone. Been on and off diets since I was about 15, but just keeps creeping up. No way I could loose all that for the wedding, but some would be nice. As a head start for a healthy new life.
  • Hi

    Have you tried the Harcombe diet? It stops you going off and on diets as it's not a 'diet' it's a new way of healthy eating that is totally achievable and works with your body. If that's no good for you then try low GI diets - anything that stops you overloading your body with sugar.

    If you need any advice just get in touch.

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    They key is don't diet!

    Change your lifestyle.

    If you deny yourselves all the foods you love you will crave them all the time.

    I have managed to lose two and a half stone - it has been a bloody long process and there have been lots of tears along the way (my boss saw my crying one morning on the phone to my other half and he thought I had just been told someone had died!).

    Wine is evil - switch to vodka/gin/bacardi and diet coke/slimline tonic, not all in one glass though

    I allow myself wine sometimes but I work out harder at the gym the next day.

    The problem with going on a diet is that you will put the weight back on unless you continue to eat that way forever.  I pretty much do the 80/20 rule (maybe 70/30) and now go to the gym three times a week before work.  It was a hard habit to get in to but it's normality for me, I find myself getting tetchy if I have to miss the gymimage

    I limit my bread and potato intake, I don't lilke rice and pasta so don't eat them, I eat lots of veg, chicken, salmon, tuna and red meats (although they are considered bad I am not giving them up!)

    For the first couple of months you do have to be really strict about what you eat, no treats etc, if you can do that you can do anything.  Apparently the psychology is that you can train your brain to do things differently over a period of two months.

    For the first eight weeks I lost nothing, zero, zilch.  I was eating healthily and going to 3 sping classes a week.  It was devastating.  Then, the weight slowly started to come off.  It has been really slow but apparently that's a good thing as it means it won't just pile back on.

    Bread is evil - a friend of mine stopped eating bread for a month and lost twelve pounds.  They didn't change anything other than that as they aren't into dieting etc.

    I can even go on hols for two weeks and not train and eat pretty much anything and my body manages to stay the same weight (I feel a bit wobblier but hey ho).

    I also had my "fat" picture next to my monitor at work and put one on my fridge.

    The key for me was changing my diet and introducing exercise...I was a 14-16, I'm now a 10-11

    Just don't get obsessed with it, stress can make you retain water (weight), also certains times of the month mean you will be heavier than others.


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