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Weight loss buddy for August 2013 wedding

Hiya I'm getting married on 10th August 2013.  Dress bought on Saturday but I hope to lose 3 stone before August.  Thought it might be nice to have a Bride to Be buddy.



  • Aww im getting married 22nd June 2013, and would love to shed 1st lbs...Ive started dieting this week but finding it sooo difficult image Good luck sweet x

  • GilldGilld Posts: 12

    Its not easy - especially when the winter comes and we all just want to eat comfort foods !!  Heating on, jammies on, TV on ....bring on the crisps, dips and wine image 

    Carrot and celery sticks and sparkling water from now one though !!


  • Aug13b2bAug13b2b Posts: 319

    im getting married next august too and hoping to loose some weight, although my dress fits, I dont like seeing the dimples in my botty (sorry for the horrible image). I am a memeber of slimming world which is really easy to stick to.

    Why dont you give that a go? x

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    Hey gil, i am getting married aug 2013. would like to loose about the same as you. I will be your buddy. havent started trying even a little bit yet. bit shy to go to slimmin world but i hear it is really good. how were you thinking about doing it. i think i basically need to start doing regular exercise becuase i am basically (shamefully) doing nothing atm! xx

  • Hi ladies

    Im also getting wed August 10th 2013 and my weight is creeping up

    Little bit embarrasing when i went to try my lovely TIGHT fish tail dress on few weeks back and it was ALOT tighter

    So need to get going before i cant get in it at all image

    WE CAN DO IT image x

  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    Thanks girls - it will be nice to have someone to share the weight loss journey with. I've been doing weightwatchers for about a year - have lost 2 stone already but nothing in the past 3 months. Motivation has gone when it should be at its maximum !! Getting the dress on saturday was totally unplanned but might what i needed to get myself back in the right frame of mind. The shop was great - they've given me a fixed price for unlimited alterations and said that my dress can be taken in as much as 5 sizes !!! Rubbish at exercise too so that'll be another challenge. Looking forward to sharing our ups and downs though - clear ur cupbards, stock up on the fruit snd veg and lets do this xxx
  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    Weighing in sounds good - does a wednesday night suit ?? Just a wee catch up, how much we've lost .... or gained image(( and any tips or success stories. I love cooking as well so any ideas for healthy meals too. xx
  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    6 stone gone - thats amazing! I'm doing pro-points. I quite like it (when i stick to it). Its good having the App on my phone. Any diet is good though when you're losing its when we stop losing that we think its rubbish - never ever do we blame ourselves lol. I get weighed on a tuesday so will go with that - 17st 6lb. It hurts to write that BUT i wont be that weight again image

    Thanks for getting on board. Does this suit the rest of the girls ??
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Hi im also getting married next August and I too want to lose approx 1 stone... I am finding it soooo hard to get motivated, i keep just telling myself, ohh i have 9 months to go i have plenty of time, but the time is soon disapearing, before long it will be the wedding and i will have done nothing!

    I did my exercise dvd the other day, it nearly killed me lol!! I didnt realise how unfit i was untill i did it.

    This evening h2b took all of the biscuits with him to work as i dont want to be tempted but ive already had a bounty ice cream.... not good really.

    Going to start tomorrow,  if we did a weekly weigh in it would definately spur me on i think.

     I know if i try i can do it, as i have lost a stone before going on holiday a few times now as i knew i would be in a bikini, i just cant get motivated at all right now though!

    I have just weighed myself... i weigh 8 st 12

    Before any one says i dont need to lose weight or anything, as i know im not needing to lose much, i have always been so insecure about the way i look expecially when i was younger. I'm a lot better now, but i still would like to lose a bit of weight.


  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    weds is good for me. weve just bought our 1st place and i have not bought scales yet (because i dont want to know!) so i will get some tomorrow and put mine on then xxx

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    I could do with some meal ideas... after work the last thing i want to do is spend ages making a healthy alternative. So some easy mela ideas would be helpful.

    H2B is on nights so i dont really fancy spending ages in the kitchen cooking for just me.

    I did make up lots of meals such a spag bol, meatballs, beef stew and also thai curry which is what i had tonight, however its not that healthy i suppose.

    When i was dieting i ate hardly anything and that is how i lost the weight fast. I dont want to do that this time i just want to eat healthier and cut out snacking and eat smaller portions.

    Stir Fry is healthy and so are Jacket Potatoes i should really start making them for tea!

    I used to live on Salmon. I buy the Saucy Fish company ones which come with a chilli dressing. They are delishious! And all you do is cook it in the bag. I get them from tesco when on offer for 3 for £10 as they are £4 each indiviiually which is rather pricey. I just stock up my freezer with them.


  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    Mine too lol. "Chicken Again ?" is his mantra LOL. He's bloody lucky that i cook his dinner at all !! I actually love winter food though - home made soups and stews which can be really healthy - its the puddings that follow that cause the problems !

    I dont have scales either in the house - i think id be on them all the time!! Before i joined a class i used to just use the ones in Boots or Morrisons x
  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    Hi Mrs Kg - have you had a look at the Philadelphia Recipes ?? Some of them are really good and you can use the phily extra light to make them even lower in calories. I love the Mango Chicken Curry one - really creamy and tasty. Doesn't feel low fat and is made in minutes ... worth a wee try. I also make a tarragon chicken one using the extra light Philly and a wee bit of white wine and some dried taraggon. It actually smells and tastes great and kinda feels a bit posh too xx
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Il check out the recipes, they sound quite nice. Mango chicken curry sounds lovely!

    As for scales i only just bought mine last week.. I got weight watcher ones from argos. Think they were £29 approx, they do the job. Apparently they do BMI but i havnt worked that out yet.

    Before i got my scales, I asked h2b to pick sum up on his way home from work a few weeks ago as i wanted to get motivated.. so what does he do, he forgets the scales but picks up a box of TWELVE!! Krispy Kremes!  ha ha They went straight in the car for him to take to work! lol

    I was quite surprised at my will power to resist them!

    This is why i find it so hard to be good. He can eat anything and stays stick thin, but i dont. xx

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    I'm Sept 14th 2013 so technically a little out but would love to join you all if ok?

  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    My h2b is also doing weightwatchers - he's doing really well and has lost about 4 stone and taken up TaiKwonDo. he thinks he's Jackie Chan lol !! He does love a wee sweetie though so i obviously need to join him - only problem is i'm not going to jump around the karate kid after it so it goes straight to my hips !! Not fair lol

    Good idea about the meal planners - is this thread the best way to do this? Just joined today so dont know what else is available xx
  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    Ah thank you! I am doing weight watchers and started last week, I know i need to start now to give myself the time to lose. I was weighed yesterday and was 11st 10.5lbs. I want to lose about 2.5 stone so a long way to go.

    Really concerned about all the work Christmas get togethers coming up. All the menus are delicious but oh so bad!!!

    Loving all the meal ideas, i will when i get chance to do some post them too. Good luck to all. Anyone for a melon ball?? image

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    Vodka and diet coke!! Now you're talking. I think if i can bypass the Roast potatoes which is my favourite bit it won't be too bad, but the puddings.......image I'm not sure i can eat a babybell light when everyone else is having triple chocalte fondants and christmas pud!!! Maybe just more vodka diet coke will help!!! Lol

  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    I've not tried the Special K or The 'weetabix' diet. I think i'd be starving !!! I did do well ob my own one by trying to include all the food groups in my diet - wholegrain, dairy, proteins, i ate fish twice a week and had a vegetarian day once each week. It actually worked really well and I felt really good - my skin, hair and nails were fabulous. I missed the treats though - thats where i let myself down. I cant work with 'a little of what you fancy .....' I need lots and lots !!!!
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    I did the special k diet a few years back when i was dieting before a holiday, i was also ding weight watchers at the same time. I kindof combined the two and lost about a stone in 12 weeks, i lost 5lb in the first week. I know a lot of it is water that you lose in the first week but it just goes to shows how badly i must have been eating before the diet lol

    I just totally cant get motivated this time, im finding it so hard... all i want to do right now is eat a biscuit lol ... although that would mean going to the shops lol as i packed h2b off to work last night with them all so i couldnt be tempted.

    mrsyoull2013 id be interested in the recipes you have.. Hopefully they will spur me into healthy mode lol


  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Me too. i just want instant results... its not fair! i should stick a photo of a skinny celeb on the fridge so every time i want some thing bad itl make me think twice! lol

    Do you think doing a fittness dvd a couple of times a week will make a difference or is it not enough?

    I'm just so tired after work that i cant bring myself to be doing fittness dvds every night.

    One thing i used to do when dieting was i'd have fruit/milk smoothie drinks for pudding instead of a 'proper pudding' i'd have different fruit in them each time and really its not too unhealthy in relation to having a chocolatey pudding. I've got such a sweet tooth and have to have a pudding lol

    I've got one of those kenwood smoothie makers which worked a treat... think i might fetch it out the cupboard and start using it again.


  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    Good evening ladies. A bit early for confessions but i have not had the great start i had planned. Didnt prepare anything for lunch and ended up having a day of constant meetings where tea and biscuits were provided so its been biscuits for breakfast biscuits for lunch and another wee biscuit for tea !!!!! I'm not much of a motivator !!!!
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    ha ha i have days like that where i cant stop eating biscuits, its so much harder when everyone else is eating nice things around you, i dont have the will power to refuse it lol

    I havnt had the best of days either lol...

    I got beef stew out the freezer  for our dinner, i half it and keep half for myself and h2b takes half in to work. I decided to be good tonight so had mine for my lunch, h2b told me it was take away night tonight at work so left his portion at home, so i decided to have a bit more for my dinner, as a yoghurt and an apple really did not appeal!... i only had a small portion for my dinner, i dont know if this is bad or just plain greedy!! lol i also had a bounty ice cream. eek. However i havnt grazed in between meals which i tend to usually do. x

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    I'm not too tempted right now, my house has three floors, so i've set the alarm on the bottom floor so im not bothering going back down to the kitchen now. So i cant have any treats even if i wanted lol

    Yeah i so get what you mean about sweating !! lol

    When i get in from work i like to have a shower and get in my pjs, and chill!

    I think twice a week for doing my fittness dvd is enough.. although i have only done it once in the last week and that was the first time lol




  • GilldGilld Posts: 12
    I'll try for twice a week - i've got the weight watchers DVD which is quite a good wee start. I keep toying with getting a gym membership but in the past these have just been a waste of money as i gave up after a month! So DVD and a bit more walking to start with.

    I have the ww pedometer which tells you how many steps you should be doing (based on my weight) for good health - for me its about 4000 steps. I work in an office - its actually shocking how few steps i do. I really need to force myself to go out a walk at lunchtimes and again when i finish just to get these minimum steps.
  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244
    Mines a little bit more urgent, mine is 3-May!! I too don't need to lose loads but would like maybe 3/4 of a stone. Currently 8st 10 would like to b 8st or I look short and stumpy.

    Quick tone and weight loss advice would be great!!!
  • Aug13b2bAug13b2b Posts: 319

    it must be hard when you have two little ones to entertain.

    I have jumped onto the slimming world band wagon again and went for a big shop and got loads of free foods in!! So started again on wednesday and even managed to partake in a body pump class at the gym last night, although it nearly finished me off!

    think this thread will come in handy as we all want the same results image x

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Both of those recipes sound yummy! If you dont mind i'd quite like those other recipes.

    How has everybody done today?

    I've done ok ish.. I've not really csnaked as such, just had my breakfast, lunch and dinner and a pudding, i went back down to look for something else to have just before, but there is literally nothing in the cupboards lol. So i cant really cheat unless i go to the shops

    I have a tub of nutella in the fridge but im not gonna go there! ha ha

    As for the Dvds, as rubbish as it may sound, the one i quite like is Jordans work out dvd. She is super annoying on it but the work out is quite good. Its so easy to follow and it tires you out. You dont realise how long you have been doing it for either which is a bonis as i hate exercise usually.

    I also have Davinas box set too, its good, but mega hard, i was totally knackered after doing it. I also have Hannah Watermans dvd... erm i have never done this one and i bought it over a year ago lol 


  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    She is super annoying on it but if you ignore her and just focus on the trainer its quite good.

    I think we will be going  shopping tomorrow too, once h2b gets up. I'l also have to stock up on healthy snacks and not buy any biscuits. I sent you a private message before with my email address in, hope you get it. x


  • Can I join? image I don't need to lose loads, about half a stone max, but I definitely need motivation! I have my first dress fitting within the next month and I'm bigger than I was, plus all my weight is on my tummy so I look like I have a baby bump! image

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