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Hello Slimming Worlders,

Im thinking about going back to SW. Been using myfitnesspal and have lost 6lb so far but seem to have stalled the past few weeks. I find Im eating so much rubbish because all Im looking at it calories. Think I need to go back to some healthy/clean eating, which SW encourages with free fruit/veg etc.

Just wondering what everyones typical menus are for the day and typically how many synns they use and what their results have been like so far?



PS. First dress fitting tomorrow!!!! EEEEEEEEKK!!!!


  • Hi Sharon

    I've been on and off slimming world for the past 6 years really. I feel it's the only plan which has made me lose the weight without noticing what I'm eating. Mainly because you can still eat everything you want - with restrictions of course. Or, there are always great alternatives.

    I initially lost 2 stones about 5 years ago, wanted to lose another 2 but kept going up and down. I've lost about half a stone so far this time round but don't want to lose too much because I still want to look like me at the wedding.

    I try to stick to about 10 syns a day. I don't normally have them during the week. More like 5 of an extra bit of milk of a bit of cheese. Syns increase over the weekend because of the wine! image

    My typical meals are Wheatabix with banana, Marmite, cottage cheese and tomato on toast, full English for breakfasts. Salad nicoise, jacket potato with chilli beans and cheese, batchelors pasta for lunch. Then dinner, I'll have steak and chips, pesto chicken and roasted veg, risotto, chilli con carne etc. there's so many possibilities.

    Good Luck with it!
  • SW is great, but its not clean eating. .not by a long way.

    I lost 5 st with SW and it gave me my life back..but there is no denying the crap thats in diet foods. ..sweetners and all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. I will forever be thankful to sw, and think its a great plan....but for me.

    eating clean properly has done wonders.My skin is amazing. .I sleep better, eat more alert, fitter and I truly know what's in my food.

    with sw, I still struggled with ibs anf eczema, with clean eating I dont. google clean eating and read a little image
  • I've lost 4st since may on slimming world. It's the best thing I've done, and I want to try and lose another 3st overall. My typical day is poached eggs on toast for breakfast (bread is HE b), jacket potato, soup or leftovers for lunch (syn free), and home cooked meal for dinner (usually syn free) then I have about 10syns a day- usually a packet of quavers and then a bit of cheese or a biscuit. I don't go into the faddy food that the SW does offer, I've just altered my usual recipes and stopped snacking on crap.
  • My mum lost a tonne on slimming world and kept it off image

    I second clean eating as being great, but slimming world is a good slept towards it ,- good luck


  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    i initially lost just under two stone , i am wanting to loose half a stone again ( put on a bit over xmas and generally letting things slip) my sister has lost 3 stone and counting on sw .


    i love it because it fits in with family eating and it doesnt seem like a diet to me .


    im back on it today - im off to buy a set of scales in a bit , just had all my magazines etc out again and done lots of planning .


    im writting everything i eat down again so i can keep track.


    typical eating plan


    b- oats and yoghurt / full english grilled

    l- ham / chicken salad / left overs from evening befores meal / soup/ beans or toms on toast

    d- stew / dinner / chops , new potatoes and veg / spag bol/ chicken curry / chilli /jacket potato , chicken drumsticks and salad

  • Thanks ladies, much appreciated. My planning so far is looking like this:

    Breakfast- Weetabix & Milk (HE a & b)

    Lunch- Baked Potato with tuna mayo

    Dinner- Lovely shephers pie & veg

    Snack- light babybel, 0% fat yogurt & fruit

    What I like is even if I am hungry there is always something I can eat for free!


  • I too am a fellow sw. I don't have much to go to goal but have lost half a stone and feels like a age as I have been heavier in the past and have lost 4 stone and thankfully kept majority off , just a little crept back on.

    As for looking at what you're eating Sharon I would say you're not acting anywhere near enough fruit and veg image good luck ladies x
  • Wife2b13Wife2b13 Posts: 166

    I have been a member for 3 years almost. Im really really struggling with it at the moment. I think its stress and the immense amount of pressure I feel under at the moment. I have 11 weeks until my final fitting and 15 weeks until my wedding. I want to lose 15lbs and just feel like its totally unachieveable. I did reach the weight I want to be at in Nov 2010 and just cant seem to get there again... image 

  • Do it in chunks. Break it down into 2/3 week targets. Achievable. The stress of not achieving it will not help. I can imagine how you feel though. Just see how it goes in smaller chunks of goals x
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