Arm toning tips?

Hi I've been loosing weight for my wedding, have lost 18lb and dropped a dress size but my arms refuse to tone up. They have improved but still need a hell of a lot of work! I've only got 6 weeks to go. Anyone got any miracle exercises that work the triceps especially? Help! Xx


  • Hi I have a kettle bell and have been using that to do swings and triceps and have seen a difference in about 2-3 weeks! I've been eating well and exercising regularly and they have definitely trimmed down! I've started myself on a 6kg and that's been fine although it did feel heavy at first! Plus kettlebell swings tone all over image
  • i have to 5lb bells. i do 3 lots of 12 (rest elbows on hips hand facing forward and for arms up towards shoulders) then i do 3 lots of ( arms straight then lift from hips going forward till in height with your shoulders)


  • Tricep dips are supposed to be great (and they're killer!) - just stand about a foot in front of a chair and grab onto the seat (behind you) aith your hands. Bend your knees and pull up and down for 30 reps. That was a really bad explanation. Look here:

    I've been told that doing this has an instant tightening effect, as well as long term toning if you continue. Follow your progress by measuring your upper arms and taking photos. Good luck! xxxx

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    Thanks for all these. Going to give them all a try. Do you think it's best to do exercises daily?

  • Hello, I have to agree with the kettle bell swings, and curls. My arms are toned for the first time in my life, and have a nice shape to them.

    Don't be afraid of heavier weights. My trainer gets me to do it with 6kg or 10kg. But be really careful not to overdo it; plus make sure a trained person can check your form. You could easily damage your back or....perhaps worse!.....give yourself haemorrhoids! Eeeek!
  • Triceps dips. Off a chair or something of similar height.

    Tn of beans in each arm and lift?
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    Tricep dips, work everytime! do 20, 2 or 3 times per day, give it two weeks and you will see the difference! I train people for a living, it definately works! xx

  • Hope It Helps!

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    Skip the girly little light weights, go as heavy as you can, I swear you won’t get big arms, you will get sleek toned arms.

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    agree. Go for the heaviest weights you can take.

  • Hello :) I've been a massive lurker and reader (every day!) since I got engaged and just had to jump in! I'm a qualified personal trainer and nutritional therapist. A really good arm routine is not just something that does your triceps or biceps, but rather works your entire upper body. As your arms are used within exercises such as rows, deadlifts, and shoulder presses you're benefitting more than just your triceps, and compound exercises will end up toning more of your body due to the level of exerction you go through. 

    Start with the bigger muscles and work your way down. For example: Bent over row, push up, chest press, shoulder press, tricep dips, tricep push ups might be a good short circuit.  But again, please check with a qualified PT who can check your form! 

    Kettlebells are a great idea, but swings are difficult to master so please check in with a trainer who can watch your form and adjust the exercises as necessary for your body and ability.

    You WILL see changes as long as you're consistent but remember it takes some time. 


    Good luck! :) 

  • Agree with @Sci-Fi Nerd

    Also, found out recently from my trainer that slow movements can be better for cosmetic toning than more explosive movements. Worth investing in a session or two with a qualified trainer to get professional advice and someone to check on your form.

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