How to lose weight quickly?

Hello. I have problem with overweight, I must to lost 10-15 kg for about 2 months? Give me advice on how to do this? Thank you in advance


  • I've managed to lose about a stone and a half (10kg or so) since the end of last October, and what I found was keeping a food diary really helps. If you're honest with it, you'll find yourself avoiding snacking just so you don't need to write it down.

    Best of luck.


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    I personally use product for weight lose lipovon.For me it is very effective.image

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    What is this product how exactly act. These products are not dangerous?

  • Have a look at my post Hun, I lost one stone in three weeks and in total lost 3stone for my wedding in February and I've kept the weight off too, happy days lol!
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    If you want quick loss then I recommendthe Dukan. It's really boring but boy, it shifts the pounds!!

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    I don't think that lipovon is dangerous.I feel very well. With lipovon i managed to lose  6 kg for one month. use it in combination with exercises, and the effect it was a very good. Success

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    Eat less, move more. All those weight loss tablets are dangerous other than the ones prescribed by a doctor and its free in the uk. Don't waste your money and risk your health. Even prescription ones have lots of side effects and need risks discussing between doctor and patient.

    Petty and Agata where do you live? I'm sure people here can recommended local weight loss groups.
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    I specialise in helpling brides lose weight for their wedding.

    A few things to start off with - exercise - do what you enjoy and make sure whatever you do, you get out of breath! This burns fat fast. 

    Food - the best diet to follow in my opinion is the Harcombe diet. Put simply, you stop eating processed foods and eat carbs and fat meals separately. 

    Motivation - write down your goal, break it down into small steps and reward yourself as you go along.

    Hope this helps.


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    Is normal to think the products for weight lose are dangerous! I combined lipovon with exercises, this was very effective for me! 

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    Are there any side effects. How exactly is acting.

  • Hey Pretty, Nice question and I feel very happy to answer your question, First of all make your own diet and exercise plan and strictly follow it without making any break. Apply simple formula eat less and move more and try to avoid to take too much junk food which creates bad impact on your oveall health and fitness level. You know about the Yoga and Medtaition forms which is traditionallty very popular and most of the health  researcher proves that one really effective in your weight loss program. So try to add this newly exercise forms in your exercise schedule and spend some more time to do this newly forms.

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    Effects of Lipovon to suppress hunger. It also increases your metabolism. Should be taken with more water if you combine sports effect will be better!

  • Hello there.  I am getting married september 2014 and decided to loose weight as I had gained two stone in the last two years we have been together.  I got quite a shock when I went to look at dresses and the shop assistant said that I would have to order in january. So I decided to join Literlife.  I ave lost 16 pounds in three weeks and can really feel the impact aleady. The counselling is brilliant and I am feeling a lot more in control.  I go to the branch in Huntingdon.  Owen is great! 

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    This is certainly very interesting!

  • Firstly don't starve yourself, your metabolism will shut down and hold onto the pounds! Secondly start a food diary - I personally use My Fitness Pal. Thirdly exercise, exercise, exercise. You don't need to take supplements to lose weight, I don't and have lost 17lb since Febrary. To lose 1lb of body fat a week you need a calorie defecit of 3000, so that's 500 calories a day below your Base Metabolic Rate. 1000 a day to lose 2lb a week etc. 2lb a week is healthy weight loss that you'll be able to maintain. Also don't weight yourself everyday you weight can flucuture over 5lb in one day! Once a week in the morning is enough. 

    You can lose weight quickly but most of this will be 'water weight' and you'll put it back on easily, a lot of weight loss suppliments work by stopping you retaining any water. If your looking at the scale rather than your figure and shape then this is the way to go.

    If you want toned arms, back and bum when you get married hit the gym. As I read recently; being skinny means you looks good in clothes, being fit means you look good naked.

    Good luck! OB xx

    P.S I'm replacing naked with 'in a bikini on honeymoon' lol.


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    Many thanks for this useful tip!

  • I am a food lover not able to diet. But for maintaining my weight I use Phen375 UK. It helps me to control my weight properly.

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    For the same reason I use Lipovon!

  • Hello everyone.  Im just off two stone down and have started cycling daily. Literlife has been such a positive experience! 

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    Most of the people who use weight loss products don't have time for sports!

  • Spammers really piss me off, particularly ones trying to promote weightloss drugs

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    Me too...I wish they'd give it a rest, especially when they could be really harmful. I wish YAYW would sort this out.

  • I reported it yesterday.

    I agree, its one thing spamming about dresses, but trying to persuade people to take a supposed quick fix miracle cure for losing weight is so dangerous.

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    Oxfordshire Bride wrote (see)

    If you want toned arms, back and bum when you get married hit the gym. As I read recently; being skinny means you looks good in clothes, being fit means you look good naked.

    Good luck! OB xx

    P.S I'm replacing naked with 'in a bikini on honeymoon' lol.


    Love this OB! x

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