30 day shred - starting tomorrow! Anyone fancy joining me?


I am trying the 30ds out as I have heard so many people talk about it on here! My DVD arrived today so Im quite excited!

I am 5,7 and a size 12. I am 9 stone, 10 lbs. 

i get married on the 14th September and so I am trying the 30ds now to see how I get on... 

It would be lovely to share the experience- let me know if you fancy sharing progress and motivating each other!




  • mrsmac2be2mrsmac2be2 Posts: 279

    Ok! I have done it before & it def made a big difference! I have 7 weeks to go... So lets do it!!!! i am 9st, would love to be 8.5 for the wedding but finding it hard to get any lower! x

  • Future_MrsSFuture_MrsS Posts: 151

    I may give it a go, though didn't last long last time tried it. Xx

  • Hey, I will join in - I have seen the levels on youtube so will grab them off there.

    I would love to be 9s10lbs by my wedding, which is in 91 days!

    I am 5 foot 1, 11 stone, and a size twelve. Should we put measurements up: like neck, bust, waist, hips, maybe arms and thighs or something? To keep motivated?

  • Brilliant! Yes! Here we go then! I have my weights (1kg) waiting for me

    Downstairs! We can do this! I'm going to take some

    Pics of myself tomorrow and store them

    Somewhere safe so that I can see if there's been any change in 30


    Do I have to stop drinking wine? Or should I continue to eat and drink as normal? I HATE dieting and LOVE my food x 

  • Ps FFRRR - measurements are an excellent idea! I shall

    Post mine on here in the morning image


  • Give up the wine? Oh dear. This might be tricky. Ok, I'll Try. That might be tough though. The things we do for our weddings eh? If you guys put your measurements on here tomorrow I'll pop them on a little spreadsheet and keep track for us if you like? 30 days to go... 

    Good luck everyone!! X

  • Ace, I have just changed my name from FFRRR to this because the old name was crap and done in a rush. I will put my measurements up tomorrow.

  • Jennie108Jennie108 Posts: 283

    Helloooo, I so want to do the 30 day shred!! image

    I've lost 10lb since Jan but hit a brick wall at the end of March and have stayed the same weight since so think I need some sort of boost!!

    What measurements are you all posting?? x


  • mrstodd2014mrstodd2014 Posts: 307

    Hi ladies can you tell me what you have to do on this 30 day shred? I'm 5.1 I'm about 9 stone 7 I'm gutted. I was 8 stone at the beginning on the year!! I just want to lose a few pounds probably just down to 9 would be great! 

  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    Could someone share details of the 30 day shred? I would love to join you but don't know what it involves. .. i am 5.5 a size 12 and just under 11 stone. Thanks

  • Hi MrsTodd,

    30 day shred is Jillian Michaels fitness DVD thing where you do 20 mins exercise every day for 30 days (following her DVD). It's 3 levels that you work your waythrough.

    I beleive the videos are available on you tube so if you don't have the DVD you can still join us.

    My friend is on day twenty-something and you can really tell on her. Fingers crossed it works for us.

    Apparently it's quite tough though. 

    When I can drag myself out of bed I'm going to do my measurements and then do the DVD for the first time. I'll let you know how I get on!

    Hopefully Jillian will get you over that brick wall!


  • Hello everyone,

    ive just finished my first level 1 30ds workout! My arms are killing!

    I decided to do it in my kitchen and I have to say I spent most of the time thinking 'oh my god my kick boards are dirty' or 'I really need to wipe my cupboard doors'. Maybe the distraction technique worked? Ha ha! We shall see!


    ok, my stats are as follows:

    weight 9st 10 1/4

    thigh 22 1/2 inch; neck 14 inch; arm 10 inch; waist 27 inch; hips/bottom 40 inches


    I think Gillian is going to drive me mad. 

    Let me know how you guys get on and post your stats (if you want to) x

  • Hey smiler,

    how many squats/ sit ups/ planks do you have to do? I'm rubbish at the plank!


  • Wow I'm so impressed! Looking forward to day 30 so that we can suss out the results!

    My h2b has just seen my 30ds DVD and said 'what a load of rubbish!' - well, now I have extra motivation to prove him wrong! 

    Good luck x

  • ScSc Posts: 35

    I am getting married next year but I am size 12-14 and only 5ft 3. Weight just under 10 stone. i need to lose loads but not sure where to start. This thread had motivated me. Is the 30ds just exercise or is there a diet to follow? Had anyone trii the insanity workout? x 

  • ScSc Posts: 35

    I've heard of them. But never tried them. I really don't know where to start. It seems like I don't weigh too much but I'm quite busty and my belly is big. I love junk food too. It's going to be so difficult but I really need the motivation to get this nailed and have a lovely figure for my wedding day and a beach body for the honeymoon lol. Smiler 1 , what fitness regime are you following? x

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    a little bit of advice about the 30ds..... the cool down is crap and you will be hurting tomorrow if thats what you do to stretch out at the end. if youve ever done a davina dvd do that cool down or find it on youtube. itl make the world of difference and make day 3 much easier


    i need to get back on the six week six pack as i only have 76 days to gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • October2013October2013 Posts: 390

    Hi ladies, can I join in!! I will need to start tomorrow tho, as I have just been out for a massive meal with the in laws whoops!! I will take measurements and post on here aswell.


  • Hey,

    So I decided to do a  10 mile cycle today, so will start my 30ds tomorrow am instead - I am knackered now.

    I know everyones body is different but I am surprised by the difference in weight and clothes size we all are. I am 11 stone and five foot 1 but a size 12 in all my clothes. I want to lose 20 pounds in 2.5 months, so I will be doing this alongside slimming world.

    Well done on doing day 1, Mrs Mustard to be! I will join you tomorrow!


  • ScSc Posts: 35

    Mrs wills I love your motivation and excitedaugustbride , go you on the 10 mile cycle!! Nats do you get the 30ds on you tube. Yep im amazed too at the difference in sizes and weight. 

    We can all do this x

  • cornishwedcornishwed Posts: 353

    im 5'2 and a heafty 13st. (typical hourglass shape,  bog boobies!) and am in a size 16. But at 10st prepreg was a perfect size ten so it's crazy how it can vary person to person!



    anyways..im back on clean eating and bootcamp sessions (30min class Thursday and 1 hr sunday AM is the only ones I can make atm) so I'd be up for giving 30ds a go. im getting wifed next Aug but with 3st to loose I need to work hard! 

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    im pretty sure you can, i just downloaded it off torrentz a long with all her other dvds, saves you some pennies


    maybe i will do a swsp while i cook dinner, youve got me feeling motivated eve though ive had a week from hell and now got a cold

  • cornishwedcornishwed Posts: 353

    bog? bloody phone lol

  • Here you go SC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8

    This is how I intend on doing it, this is level 1 only I will pop the other 2 on later, x

  • October2013October2013 Posts: 390

    Waist 32

    bust 40

    hips 40

    weight 12 stone 6lbs or 79kg


  • ScSc Posts: 35

    ThanksThanks excited excitedaugustbride, I'm starting tomorow and I'll put my measurements up x

  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139

    I started today as well after a bit of a break.... I gave up half way through level 2....

    im 5'5 and a saddening 12 stone 12 lbs imageand a size 14. I want to get down to fitting into a  12 or 10 if I'm lucky! I don't get married until feb next year with n honeymmon in hawaii at Easter. Note to self I will not be a whale in a bikini. focus. However I have ordered a suzanne neville wedding dress and must be measured in August...... So one dress size drop is necessary! 

  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139

    Waist 34.5 inches

    Bust 40 inches

    Hips 44 inches   Arms 13 inches   Thighs 25.5 inches 
  • ScSc Posts: 35

    Good for you!! Keep up the good work. I think I need to do something everyday and keep at it! x

  • mrsmac2be2mrsmac2be2 Posts: 279

    I'm struggling with motivation girls image it was 7 weeks on Friday til our wedding, I'm 5ft 3 and 9 stone. I can't get past 9 stone! But I have no energy & am soooo tired image(( 


    well done to you that managed today!

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